Kanserde Risk Faktörleri Nelerdir?

There are a lot of known risk factors in cancer. It is possible to seperate these into two main groups.The first of them is the risk factors that can be controlled.The subgroup of these is that smoking and food and drink habits, which we call behavioral risk factors.Smoking is the most important risk factor in […]

How can I reduce my risk of heart attack or stroke? – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

The best way to reduce the risk of heart attackand stroke, I would say, number one is stop smoking.That is probably the lowest common denominatorwhen you look at all the other risk factors.Obviously, cholesterol control, high blood pressure controlis all very important.But when you see younger people having heart attacks, patientsin their 30s and 40s, […]

Investing Demystified – (You can’t beat markets or pick a fund to do so for you – Part 2 of 5 )

Welcome back to the Investing Demystified video series.In this video I will be discussing the ability to beat the markets, how unlikely it is thatyou can, and how beneficial and liberating it will be to appreciate and embrace this.Believe me, speaking as someone who used to run a hedge fund, it is not easy to […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | Can We Win the Fight Against Tobacco? | Ep #3 | AXA

In this film, I’m going to meet some peoplewho will give us some insights into the world of big tobacco,why we have to stay vigilant,and what we can do to promote tobacco-free living.Over there is the Hong Kong and Chinese border.It’s reckoned that billions of cigarettes flow out of China each year.Here in Hong Kong, […]

This Is What A Stroke Does To Your Body

Are you experiencing a sudden numbness or weakness on one side of your face, arm, orleg?How about sudden and inexplicable trouble walking, talking, or understanding speech?You may be having a stroke.Hello everyone!Crystal here for DNews ready to talk about one of the medical emergencies that scaresme the most.Stroke.A “stroke” can occur at anytime to anyone, […]

Will I need to Quit Smoking Before my Tummy Tuck?

Many people want to know if they have to quit smoking before having a tummy tuck. Theanswer to that question is emphatically yes. Smoking increases the risk of complicationstremendously, especially the risk of having healing problems or infection are much, muchhigher. I require patients to stop smoking 6 weeks prior to surgery and to continue […]

The Thought of No More Alcohol Ever | How To Survive it | SDA48 | Never Having a Drink Again, Ever!

Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 48 (Transcript)How are you doing? Iím Kevin OíHara for alcohol mastery.This is stop drinking alcohol week 48.So my family were over this weekend, just for a couple of days, and itís great to seefamily when you havenít seen them for quite a while. But I find that, every time now Igo […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | How Do We Build a Tobacco-Free Future? | Ep #5 | AXA

my name is Wonka this is Cynthia and Steve smoking has damaged all our lives together with AXA and concerns specialist dr. Bronwyn King we’ve made a series of short films about Taba Holdings about nicotine addiction the tobacco industry and tobacco free solutions dr. Bronwyn King is a leading anti tobacco advocate who helps […]

#TobaccoFreeMe | How Can We Achieve a Tobacco-Free Life? | Ep #4 | AXA

Can you guess the most common form of plastic found on beaches?The plastic used in cigarette filters.Cigarette butts leak deadly toxins into the oceans.Harming the environmentis just another way tobacco damages all our lives.It’s time we changed our habits.Our grandfather smoked his entire lifeand died of throat cancer as a result.In this film, I’m going […]