The SX Mini G Class Full Review – “I Love This Thing!”

hey guys it’s Dale and today we’re going to be doing my full review on the SXmini G class and I am very excited this is one of my favourite mods in a verylong time what we’re going to do is we’re going to do theup-close-and-personal I’m going to show you how the actual mod […]

Beginners Guide to Becoming a Regular Vaper

Hi there, this is Stephen from Vape Cluband today we’re going to be looking atthat transition between being a regular smokerto a full-time vaper.Now because there are some differences betweensmoking and vaping, there can be somechallenges that you might come acrossbut with a little bit of help in the right placeit can become much, much […]

Wotofo Profile Unity Mesh RTA

What is happening everybody. Welcome Welcome back to the channel. Remember theprofile RDA by Mr. just right and what Telfer which pretty much changedthe game as far as mesh and rebuild the bulls. If you didn’t watch thatreview I’m going to drop a link right here. Today we are going to takea look at the […]

MEDO Kit by MedoVape & Golisi

MmMmMm mm mmMm Mm mm mm. MmMmMmMm. Oh.UhUhUhUhWhat is happening everybody welcome back to the channel when we talk aboutbetter isn’t as far as battery companies are battery re wrapping companiesmany of you already know Gallucci right. Today we are going to take a lookat a new port system from a new company called Meadow […]

SMOK NOVO, better than the Infinix?

Welcome back everybodyAnd today we are going to take a look at another pot system from Smok and let’s find out if the Novo the SmokNovo is gonna be better than the smoke in Phoenix. So inside these box you are gonna receive one batteryThat’s it. You receive one battery, but then you receive two […]

Beginners Guide to Vaping For The First Time

Hi, this is Stephen from Vape Club, and todaywe’re going to be taking a look at howto use your new vaping kit for the first time.This video’s aimed at those who arestarting out on their vaping journey, so asalways we’ll do our best to keep thingssimple. When you get your kit for thefirst time it’s […]