Jose Marti Dominican Cigar Review: 10 Packs A Plenty

One of the most popular bundled cigarsnow has a great low price Dominicancounterpart. That’s right the Jose MartiDominican is entering the fray as agreat mellow, mellow-to-medium-bodiedsmoke. It uses aged Dominican tobacco forits filler and its binder, followed by agolden brown Connecticut shade wrapper.So it mixes the nice nutty and creamytaste of the Dominican tobacco with […]

Crafted by JR Oliva Cigar Review: No One Knows Tobacco Like Oliva

Hey guys! Nick Libretti here fromJRCIGARS.COM. Today I’m enjoying thebrand-new crafted by JR Oliva.Now, someof you might know, because I reviewedanother entry in the series before, wehave a new exclusive line here calledcrafted by JR, where we got a bunchof different manufacturers to makespecial blends specifically for us.The first one I reviewed was the delicious,Casa […]


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Temple Hall Cigar Review: A Diamond In The Rough

One of the first cigars ever crafted inJamaica. A delicious mellow body TempleHall is now made in the great DominicanRepublic. So it’s mellow, smooth, it has agreat Connecticut wrapper creamy, notes ofnuts, a little leathery, and a dash oflike a natural sweetness to it. It’s avery popular mellow smoke; one of theoldest Dominican and one […]

Top 5 Cigars for a Road Trip

Going on a road trip and needs some amazing cigars? Watch to the end of this video forfive great cigars, when you hit the road. For the latest and greatest on everythingcigars, subscribe to our channel. Hit the bell to be notified because we’re coming outwith new videos every Monday. Planning a trip or just […]

18 Must Have Items Every Gentleman Should Own

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!Today’s video is about 18 must-have items every gentleman should own.No, this is not an EDC or everyday carry list, it’s much rather a list of items that youshould have at your office or your home and you can use them occasionally when it’s appropriate.The first item is a good […]

Beer Review: Cigar City Jai Alai IPA

Hey guys welcome back Jim Beer 2 you with another one today. So it’s been it’sbeen challenging because being overseas sometimes the beer shop in townI’ve kinda run a lap around it and done everything that they have. Well good news is theychanged their order and they got some new stuff in town so we’re […]

Boneshaker Full Body Cast Cigar Review

As many of you know, the Boneshaker isone of the strongest cigars on themarket, and it’s an exclusive to JR cigarNow introducing the sequel to theBoneshaker. The Boneshaker Full Body Cast.It’s called cuz “POW!” Its got so muchpower to knock you out and you’re goingto be…you need to lay down for 6-8 gotta R.I.C.E […]

Best Mild Cigars For Beginners

What’s up everybody. This is Neil with Mardo Cigars and you’re watching Mondays with Mardo’s.I got a question for everybody out there. Do you ever walk into a humidor and you haveabsolutely no idea what cigar to pick? Well, that’s exactly what this video is all about.Watch until the end, I’m going to give you […]

Partagas Aniversario Cigar Review: Happy Anniversary!

Celebrating 170 years of greatness thegood people at General Cigar arereleasing the Partagas Aniversario. Itcommemorates almost 200 years of thePartagas line from its origins in Cubato the modern-day brand out of theDominican Republic. This cigar usesvintage Dominican and Nicaragua tobaccofor its filler, a zesty Connecticut Habanobinder, and then that signature toothyCameroon wrapper that Partagas hasbecome […]