Evaluating New Nicotine Standards for Cigarettes, Eric Donny, Ph.D.

[Music] My name is Eric Donny. I’m an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. The center that I direct is the Center for the Evaluation of Nicotine in Cigarettes. The thing I find most exciting about regulatory science is that every day I can remind myself that it matters, […]

New Blood Test Can Predict A Heart Attack Years In Advance

The heart is a precious thing and heart health is something we should all take pretty seriously.According to The Amercian Heart Association (the AHA) close to half of the populationof the US have some kind of heart disease.That’s a huge number.Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the United States.Blood tests are […]

E-cigarette Use Spikes Among Teens Compared to Other Tobacco Products for the First Time

More teens are using e-cigarettes,a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says.Collin: ” It feels a lot easier to breathe in and to breathe out and there’s a lot more flavor.”Colin McAteer has been smoking since he was in high school.He says the rise in e-cigarettes is understandable.Collin: “I think it’s […]

Cigarette smoke can make MRSA bacterial strains more resistant to antibiotics

In the lab, we can show that cigarette smoke enhances antibiotic resistance. Ifyou’ve been given specific antibiotics, they may not work as well as they shouldif you weren’t a smoker. My name is Maisem Laabei. I’m a lecturer inmicrobiology in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry. We wanted toinvestigate how cigarette smoke may affect bacterial […]

The science of plain tobacco packaging

My name’s Olivia Maynard. I’m in experimental psychology at the University of Bristol, andI work in the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group here. And my area of research is plainpackaging, or standardised packaging, of tobacco products.In 2003, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products was banned, and what thatmeant was the industry could no longer […]

Health impact from smoke on the rise as wildfires get worse

 BILLINGS, Mont. — Climate change in the Western US means more intense and frequent wildfires churning out waves of smoke that scientists say will sweep across the continent to affect tens of millions of people and cause a spike in premature deaths That emerging reality is prompting people in cities and rural areas alike to prepare […]

Impact of Flavors on Tobacco Product Use, Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, Ph.D

(Music)My name is Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin.I’m an associate professor of psychiatry atYale University School of Medicine.The overall goal of the Yale TCORS is really to understandthe role of flavors in tobacco products and to understandif flavors actually alter initiation and addiction totobacco products in young adults, adolescent smokers; andwe are really taking a very multidisciplinary approach […]

Micronutrients for smoking cessation

Hi it’s Jared from the Hardy Nutritionals science team with some exciting news.Independent researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealandrecently published the results of a double-blind study showing theeffectiveness of Daily Essential Nutrients in helping individuals stopsmoking and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. These results werepublished in the medical journal called Nicotine […]

Impact of Tobacco on Oral Health and the Oral Microbiome, Christian Abnet, PhD

[Music]My name is Christian Abnet andI am an investigator at the U.S. National Cancer Institute.And I’m working on a project called The Impact of Tobacco onOral Health and the Oral Microbiome.There’s two primary goals for my FDA-funded project.The first is to make updated estimates of the impact oftobacco on oral health of the American population.We […]