Paddy’s Bar is on the Ropes | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

In 2006, Pat Rodgers bought Paddy’s Pub.A former roadhouse bar in the rural town of Pahrump.I was the boss. My mom owned the bar and ran it for about 9 years. And I was the on site general manager. – Football is on Sunday. – Right. – And Monday. Announcer:In the beginning, Paddy’s Pub was […]

Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

We may have found the key to marital peace! It’s green, it’s pungent, and it’s thecause for nearly 1 million arrests every year.Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. The notion that people who smoke weed are non-violentpeace lovers may be more than just a stereotype. A new study in the journal Psychology of AddictiveBehaviors […]

Passive Smoking Kills || THE GASPER || Emotional Hindi Short Film

Coffee?Coffee!ThanksHow’s Coffee?Hmm?Coffee?It’s very niceGreat.Well…You still haven’t told me.Hmm?No response from past 3 weeks,Phone switched off from last weekSo?Umm!Is everything alright?NO!NO!Nothing is right,And you know what? you are ther only reasonYou!Ya,Everything is fine.Where were you?Hospital,Hospital?Past 3 weeks?Hmm.If you want break up then say it,Why are you ignoring me?That is not required at all,With in few weeks […]

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Lies To You

Finding out your boyfriend lied to you can be devastating.On one hand you’re angry about him being dishonest with you, and on the other, you’reprobably pretty upset, or maybe even feeling betrayed or let down.The good news is there’s usually a reason behind why your man felt the need to lie inthe first place, and […]

Tony Robbins: DON’T EVER GIVE UP ( Tony Robbins Motivation )

Tony Robbins: And I’m here to tell you what you already know resources are never theproblem it’s a lack of resourcefulness is why you failed because the ultimateresources are emotional states if you’re creative enough can you find the answeryes or no if you’re determined enough can you find the breakthrough yes or noif you’re […]

The Hot Neighbor Next Door

(soft music)(banging)– Hmm, oh new, neighbor, ooh!– Oh, hey!– Hi yayaye.– Hey I’m Avery.(upbeat music)– Do you wanna borrow some sugar?– Hum, I’m good right now, thank you tho.– Okay, bye.Hmm.Hey, Avery, I didn’t see you there,I get so engrossed in books.I read a lot, I’m like Belle, or Hermione,or Indiana Jones of reading things.– […]

Your Path to Inner Awakening 4: What it Takes to Wake Up and Transform Permanently

Inner Awakening 4: What it Takes to Wake Up and Transform PermanentlyI welcome you all,with my love and respects.Let’s start with these questions:What do you need to dofor awakening?To have awakening;What are mandatory components of awakening?That last long,versus, just, temporary and leaves you soon?What is going inwards?How to do it properly?Please understand;The mandatory components of […]

We Should Break Up

“What’s it going to be? Cigarettes or us?”My girlfriend pulled an ultimatum: Cigarettes or her?How did it get to this point?Hi there. My name is Fire and I am a storyboard artist here at MinuteVideos.I would like to share my story with you about my battle to quit smoking.At the time, I really didn’t know […]

My First 30 Days Sober

– Hey, guys. I’m Corey.I am going a month without drinkingand I’m going to document it.(claps hands)If I’m being straight up about this,I’m not excited.I like to drink.I think it’s fun.It’s something that my friends do.We go out and we grab some beersand it’s just how we engage with each other.I think for awhile there […]

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Surveys show that 95% of men and around 72% of women have masturbated in their life. Butwith rumours that it’s unhealthy, can cause blindness, and even infertility, can masturbationbe good for you? Feeling yourself isn’t just for single people. 70% of men and 40% of womenin relationships reported masturbating within the 4 weeks leading up […]