Tasting Notes – Warped: The Haunting – Smokingpipes.com

– Hey everybody, I’m Shane Irelandand welcome to another episode of “Tasting Notes.”I have a special guest joining me for this episode today.– Hello everyone, Jeremy Reeves here,head blender of Cornell and Diehl.– You probably never seen this guy before, right?(laughing)So yeah, Jeremy’s in housebecause we have a really exciting release coming up soon,just in […]

Home-made Cigar Box Magnetic Stir Plate

correct this is myuh…stir plate for he startsmade out of a cigar boxbata fanuh…little teeny usb fanit is used for athat to calling yourself up at the deskrenee basically just marinate it in therevsstirredamended it in here and some aresome longer screwsit has a uh…you knowutility detests speedliterally can plug it inwrite-up to be uh…electrical […]

Are You Ready To Quit Smoking?

I’m just really really really thankful that you could help me…because it’s like one of the biggest hurdles I’ve ever had in my life…and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get over it…and if it weren’t for you, and I give you the credit all the time…if it weren’t for you I’d still […]

Muestra De Saka Unicorn – Corona Cigar Product Review

(gentle acoustic-guitar music) – Hey everybody it’s Joey with Corona Cigar Company again. We’re here, joined by special guest, to talk about a very special cigar. This is Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, and today we’re gonna talk a little about the Unicorn. – [Steve] I actually, I alter creme 6,000 pounds of […]

Colored Smoke Portrait Photography (CHEAP)

some weeks ago I tried some Chinese smoke cakes, they are really cheap butalso they had a really really bad review on Amazon….so for my first test I got some really really bad resultsI think the big problem was that my smoke cakes were in open airand so the smoke went away really fastI met […]

Save our kids from smoking

It’s really shocking.How old he is?But they are shown at the corner or behind of home,at rail station or any unusual places by this scenario.So keep your concentration on your child and create a strong platform for them.

Pick Your Quit Path – National Tobacco Campaign – My QuitBuddy

[MUSIC PLAYING]When I decided to quit, I heard about the My QuitBuddy App.Some friends said it was really useful, so I downloaded it.It’s great because you set your own quitting goals, and you’re in control. Then it checks in with you every night to make sure you’re sticking to them.You can program danger times for […]

Jane’s journey on beating smoking

I started smoking when I was about fifteen and I gave up smoking when I was about forty-two.I had stopped for a few years along the way, never really given up.And then I just decided one day because I met this really nice guy, that he didn’t smoke,and it didn’t seem fair, so I quit.I […]

Mit dem Rauchen aufhören – Nicorette Kaugummis! – rzucic palenie – QUIT SMOKING ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Hello Welcome to my first Video! Today I will tell you something about NicoretteIn my opinion it is a real miraclefor people who want to quit smoking!Not everyone knows what Nicorette isIn my opinion it is a wonderThere are different strenghtsI have been using 2mg Gums with fresh mint flavourI am buying it onlineIn a […]

What Does it Mean to be a Dad? | The Fatherhood Project

My father was a child of his generation.I remember he was around, um,but very absent.He was around quite a bit. He worked really really hard for everything that he had.He died when I was six months old.He was one of those dads thatdidn’t express outwardly in words very much.We never had a close relationship,never didn’t […]