Your Girlfriend Starts Smoking Again. Do You Too? | funded

I’m Annabel night a sex and relationship expert and in this series of short filmsI’ll be talking to couples about how smoking affects their relationshipstoday I’m talking to Stevie and Hannah about their smoking habitscan you each told me a little bit about yourselvesI’m Stevie I smoked for too many years okay so I remember […]

When You Smoke But Your Partner Has Quit | funded

I’m Annabelle Knight, a sex and relationship expert.And in this series of short films, I’ll be talking to couplesabout how smoking affects their relationship.Today I’m talking to Fran and Keith.Fran has successfully quit cigarettes and Keith wants to.So what’s the reason that you’re here?Smoking, yeah?-I’m a smoker. -You’re a smoker, and Fran?At the moment, a […]

Quit Stalling 30 sec TVC

I’ll quit smoking before footy training starts.I’ll quit before I wake up coughing.I’ll quit before my kid’s born.I’ll quit before I have serious problems.I wish I’d quit when I said.You know you’ll quit one day.So get tough with yourself.Do it now.Quit stalling.Quit today.

Inspira Health Quit Center | Stop Using Tobacco

I’m quitting for my family.I’m quitting for myself.I’m quitting for my health.There are many reasons why you should quit smoking. Inspira Health’s QuitCenter offers an evidence-based way to quit for good.Our trained experts understand the science behind nicotine addiction. Theyprovide one-on-one counseling or group counseling sessions in Cumberland andSalem counties. They’ll work with you to […]

Strengthening my Skills

-Hi.Welcome back!I am Gillian Freeborn a Clinical Psychologistand the Health Behavior Coordinatorat the Fargo VA Medical Center.This class is entitled Strengthening my Skills.In this module, we will talk about ways to help youmanage stress, a common trigger for tobacco use.Many of the strategies we will discuss including:relaxation exercises, staying busy, and gaining support,will also help […]

Get To Know The Smokers Living With Cancer, COPD And Angina | funded

Well, it’s like anywhere else.You get some good spots and you get some bad spots.It used to be a busy town.I mean, you could go from one job and go to another job but you can’t now.My grandparents were born in Hartlepool.My parents were born in Hartlepool.And I was born in Hartlepool.And my daughter was […]

Jane’s journey on beating smoking

I started smoking when I was about fifteen and I gave up smoking when I was about forty-two.I had stopped for a few years along the way, never really given up.And then I just decided one day because I met this really nice guy, that he didn’t smoke,and it didn’t seem fair, so I quit.I […]

5 Things All Ex-Smokers Know

[Music]I’ve got extra cash for more important things—like clothes!I discovered I actually LIKE my grandma’s squash casserole!Now, I can go the distance…at the gym.People tell me I’m more kissable these days.Discover everything there is to know about quitting.

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Sharon’s Peer Pressure Story

(Sharon) I started junior high school. Peer pressure, that’s why I started. To be cool, to fit in. Everybody smoked, that was like the cool thing to do. With my granddaughter, she’s 12 years old. She’s in junior high now And that’s what I’m afraid of, you know. She’s gonna get in with a kid […]

How To Stop Cigarette Cravings | Aetna

You have to replace the desire with something else. I would go for other things such as chewing gum.Or just kind of suck on a toothpick or something just to kind of keep your mouth busy, your hands busy.Times when I am active, not smoking is a lot easier than times when I’m not active. […]