Why Now is the Right Time to Quit Smoking

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to quit smoking like when it affectsyour health when your friends quit when you’re at a certain age or after anevent? In this video I’ll show you why waiting for the right time is actuallydoing more harm than good and why now is the right time to quit […]

Q & A: Is it true that smoking cause plaque?

Is it true that smoking causes plaque? Absolutely.Smoking is nuclear in terms of inflammation. And guess what? Once youinflammation, it starts off with burning that glycocalyx. So once you burn thatglycocalyx, what’s going to happen? LDL was going to start filtering through,forming plaque.

Are you a light smoker? You’ll suffer anyway!!!

What happens to light smokers?People who smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day happen to pay the same price as heavy smokers.According to a new research, the difference in loss of lung function between someone who smokes five cigarettes a day versus two packs a day is relatively smallLung function declines naturally with age (starting […]


Hello. Paul Zollinger Read. I’m the Chief Medical Officer at Bupa. And I want to talkto you today about smoking. Now, I’m sure you’re all aware about the dangersof smoking. Now what smoking does, is it has a variety of chemicals in, so it has tar andit has nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive, so you […]

SMOK INFINIX 2 vs SMOK INFINIX Review and Comparison

RightThe Smok Infinix is goodBut you know what’s better the smok infinix 2 this bad boy is great, and I will be reviewing this productSo stay tuned to find out why this is a badassWhat’s up, my ducklings welcome back to my channelMy name is fumb duck and I like to do vape reviews and […]

How to get rid of smoking forever?

How to get rid of smoking forever?Quit smoking and inform family & friends about itStay strong and focused during withdrawal symptomsStay away from all the situations which tempt you to smokeSurround yourselves with friends who hate smokingExercise regularly to elevate your mood without resorting to smoking

What is an Atomizer? | Vape Questions Answered

– [Narrator] Atomizers come in a bunchof different configurations and variations.If we broke that all down, well,we would be here all day and as someone so quaintly put it,“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”So let’s just get to the basicsso you can get a grasp on what an atomizer is.Cool?Cool, let’s go.Well, I mean let’s […]

Alternatives to Quit Smoking

How about other ways our is medication a better way or a safer way and how doesthat fit into smoking cessation well clearly the most evidence in smokingcessation is pharmacologic therapy that there’s no doubt about thatthere’s three big categories or three big drugs that we talked about wetalked about nicotine replacement therapy so patches […]

SMOK Stick V9 Max Starter Kit Review | in 90 Seconds

– [Narrator] Go big or go home withthe SMOK Stick V9 Max kit.This stick mod/tank combo is all about giving youa lot while still retaining portabilityand ease of use.Are you already a fan of SMOK Stick Mod lineand need to add this to your collection?Head on over to VapeWild by checking the linkin the top […]

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