Q&A 7 – Adderall Safety, Formaldehyde VS PCP, & Harmala Alkaloids (And More)

If you’d like to skip to a specific question or comment, you can find the time stamps in the description. The Drug Classroom runs entirely on donations. If you’d like to support, please visit Patreon.com/TheDrugClassroom “In your opinion, what’s the safest psychedelic to take psychologically?” There’s not a specific psychedelic I can point to as […]

Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment

– Today we’re going to make ourselves hallucinate by simply breathing. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning. – Tripping isn’t just for hippies who take illegal drugs, or people who forget to tie their shoes, no, it can be for everyone now because of something called holotropic breathwork. – Yeah, […]

How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression

It was the most peaceful, joyous, incredible, life changing experience I’ve ever had inmy life. There were scary parts, foreboding parts … I always knew there was beautifuland joy and peace on the other side of it. It was freeing, it was really freeing.This is Alana. She’s describing what she felt after she took a […]

Psilocybin in the Treatment of Smoking Addiction – Albert Garcia-Romeu

The first thing I want to let you know is that this is a pilot study,meaning that we don’t have any sort of control arm and we don’t have any sort ofplacebo doses. So we know when people are coming in that they are getting psilocybin.And we so far had 15 participants lined up,and most […]