Redwood Cigarettes

The say: living in Los Santos is the equivalent of smoking a pack a day. If that’s the case, then I wanna choice in the matter. So I chose Redwood. I used to sell my body for drug money on the streets. Now I’ve cleaned up and have a wife and go to church. And […]

What Does Your PEE Say About You?

You produce between two – three pints of urine every day, but most of us still pay littleattention to our liquid waste. So, what does your pee say about you? And could it be aclear indicator of your body’s overall health?Before you pee, the kidneys filter water soluble waste by absorbing the nutrients it needsto […]

YouTube Comments, The Shit Your Pants Rule, & You Can Roast Jason – TalkyBox #38

Live from Shadowmere Studios its TalkyBox: fresh never frozen. It’s true. Yeah wejust make it fresh out…what are you’re doing? Huh? Fresh, he’s being fresh. You know Iwas I was using nonverbal communication. Yeah? To say that you were disgusted bythe people watching? Um, I don’t know. That’s the face you were giving off. I […]

Sphincters – The Fascinating Truth

*intro music*Let’s do a little word association; I say bird, you say nest;I say fire, you say smoke;I say sphincter, you say… butt, right?That’s probably why calling somebody a sphincter is basically saying they’re a butt.But not all sphincters control the flow of poop.We’ve got lots of other non-excrement related sphincters throughout our bodies.About fifty […]

Why Is My Poop Green?

You can ask the Internet anything you want — like, how big is the universe? Or what’sthe average lifespan of an Olive Ridley sea turtle? Or why are sloths so lazy?But many of you turn to the wisdom of the Internet to explain what you find in the toiletbowl.According to our friends at Google, one […]