A Quit Smoking Plan

Doctor, some people say that it helps them to make a plan, I don’t know howrealistic this is, Marianne, but set a date do something every day keep yourselfbusy and this is what I’ve heard from many people who I know who haveattempted to stop smoking, do you kind of go through that step of […]

Quit Smoking Tip #11 – How to Stop Smoking and Stay Tobacco Free – Preparation is Key

You need a plan to deal with your cravings and temptations.Preparation is key to your success.

A Time To Act

THORNTON: One minute, it was just like a little flame on the wall, where the outlet was, and the next thing you know, it was busting out windows in the back. ANNOUNCER: Firefighters say that Katrina Thornton and her children are examples of how to keep your family safe in the event of a fire. […]

How To Break And Create Habits?

How To Break And Create HabitsQuitting smoking, keeping a gratitude Journal, developing a mindfulness practice.Whether we want to break habits or create new ones, the process can be difficult.Most of us have made resolutions to break or create habitsonly to relapse in our existing behaviors.How do we change this cycle?How do habits work and what […]

Preparing to Quit Smoking

Hi, I’m ShawnSo you decided to quit smoking!I know quitting smoking can seem like a real scary thingbut let’s face it, it’s probably a lot scarier if you continue to smokein this video we’re going to provide you with some tools and useful informationto get you to quit for good Imagine life as a non-smokerYou […]

Watch, Listen, and Repeat English Sentences. (New Year’s Resolutions (2017): Special Edition)

Quit smoking.Get in shape.Reduce stress.Meet new people.Read more books.Become more organized.Watch less TV.Spend less time on social media.Find a significant other.Stop procrastinating.Get out of debt.Learn a new language.Volunteer for a good cause.Be more adventurous. Take more chances.Save more money.Learn to control your emotions.Travel more and see the world.Enjoy the little things in life.Cut down on […]

Quit Smoking Tip #27 – How to Help Someone Stop Smoking – Offer Distractions

Offer distractions.See a movie.Take a walk.Or plan a game night.