601 CIGARS: PA Edition

Hi folks.Jeff Brown here, Merchandising Director for Best Cigar Prices.I’m here today to talk about 601 Pennsylvania Edition.This is a full cigar, super flavorful, mostly Nicaraguan cigar made in Esteli by the goodfolks at La Zona and captained by none other than Erik Espinosa.601 PA pays tribute to the fact that almost half the cigars […]

The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

in this video we’re gonna tell you the story of the Smoking Ghosts from Sachs Bridge in GettysburgWell Hello there parapeeps and welcome to another episode of our haunted travels I am yourhost Shawn Donley and I’m your co-host Marianne Donley that’s right we’re gonnago over a very interesting experience that we have done over […]