Dysfunctional FDA Standards Are Leading To Vaping Illnesses

With more than 500 cases of this mysterious lung illness from vaping, the question overthe proposed vaping ban is what’s, where’s that leading us?Where is the vaping ban?And again, every time we do a vaping story, they hate to say this, but I swear to Godthere is a vaping cult out there as this, it’s […]

FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use

Juul e-cigarettes have now been linked to at least 35 seizures in users over the pasteight years and investigators suspect that those numbers are going to grow as the investigationcontinues.Joining me to talk about this is Scott Hardy, he’s the president of Top Class Actions.Scott, I saw, you saw the early edge of this.I remember […]

E Cigarettes To Be Banned Following Vaping Related Deaths

Over the past few years, e-cigarettes have flooded our markets being advertised as thesafe alternative to smoking cigarettes.But cases of lung disease and even deaths have begun to surface now prompting presidentTrump to demand the FDA to finally step in and ban flavored vapes.Legal journalist Mollye Barrows is with me to talk about it.This is […]

FDA Says E-Cigarette Use Among Teens Has Become An Epidemic

Finally tonight some good news the FDA might finally be ready to crack down on the illegalsale of addictive nicotine products to children.The agency recently announced that the use of e-cigarette devices by children and teensin the United States has now reached epidemic proportions.This announcement came after months of work by the agency to determine […]

Vaping Culture Does The Job Of Big Tobacco By Creating More Nicotine Addicts

Recently, the CEO of Juul e-cigarettes issued a halfhearted apology to parents whose teensbecame addicted to nicotine thanks to his company’s products.But the truth is that just like tobacco, this was all part of the plan.Joining me to talk about this is Farron Cousins who just finished an incredible cover storyfor the national trial lawyer […]