Smoke Free Ottawa: A Visual History of Ottawa’s No Smoking By-Law

The City of Ottawa is world renowned for it’s proud heritage, cultural diversity, distinctiveneighbourhoods and boundless recreational opportunities in its great outdoors. It isa city that continuously strives to improves the quality of life and health for it’s residentsand visitors. For decades the City of Ottawa has been a leader by implementing innovativetobacco control and […]

Tunnels & Trolls live rpg City of Gull 35 beware of halfling vampires

my hands rolled up a little bit so normally it was a falling off then youtell me how it looks to you mine comes on there yeah looks good okayso I invite people now we’re getting ready for another episode of Tulsatrolls live what’s up with them um dearLaskin so we got to pull money […]


today we’ve got a very SPECIAL dayI’m wearing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (what could it possibly be felix?)wireless VR headset (totally couldn’t have guessed that)So I’mREADY!!!1!I can jump around WHEREVER I wantLet’s see… what wireless VR has to offer the future (what)LET’S GOOH, M A Nthis isSO C00lda graphics are so REEL*massacres ppl**gets on ground and sexually spreads […]