Smoke Free Ottawa: A Visual History of Ottawa’s No Smoking By-Law

The City of Ottawa is world renowned for it’s proud heritage, cultural diversity, distinctiveneighbourhoods and boundless recreational opportunities in its great outdoors. It isa city that continuously strives to improves the quality of life and health for it’s residentsand visitors. For decades the City of Ottawa has been a leader by implementing innovativetobacco control and […]

Barely high is still too high to drive – Toes

Man>>When I’m super high,I rub my bare feet on the carpet.When I’m barely high,I just rub my toes.[Title: Barely high is still too high to drive.][Title: The risks are real.]

Smoking Cessation @ Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

I quit smoking on May 14th which was the day that the doctor said I’m sorry to tell youbut the biopsy sample has come back positive and you do have cancer. So that seemed likea good day to quit smoking. Studies have shown that patients who stopped smoking would havea higher chance of recovering. You […]

About the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Smoking Cessation Program

The stress around the time of a cancer diagnosis is a common reason why patients may continueto smoke but also the dramatic life change that people go through when they have a diagnosisof cancer can actually be highly motivational in having a quit attempt and it’s very importantfor health providers and patients families are there […]

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Episode 1 – Burlington Hypnosis Video

Robbie: Okay, so why don’t you start with introducing yourself.Neil: My name’s Neil. I live in Welland, Ontario. I currently work in Hamilton as a, you couldsay a regional account manager in Western Ontario. So it can be stressful at times,but for the most part I like the job.Robbie: And Neil you came here because […]

Tips for Quitting Smoking | Smoking Cessation @ Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

If there are so many smokers out there, there are so many different ways to actually quitsmoking and it’s different from person to person, I’ve been told by my own patientsthat they have used a whole series of ways to quit. I did use Nicorette gum and I’veinvented this placebo of this cinnamon stick that […]

Quitting smoking: the best thing you can do for your health

Five million Canadians smoke.At Sunnybrook, we are committed to providing the best care possible to you and your family.If you smoke, it is important that you tell your doctor and healthcare team.Be honest.This information can help us work with you to create the best care plan and support youwhile you are in the hospital or […]