Vapeccino Mate 1 Full Review

hello guys it is Dale I’m here today for the full review of the VAP Chino mateone it is a refillable pod system that has direct two lung and mouth two lungpods and I’m super excited to tell you my experience with it so let’s just getstarted the mate one is amazing I have actuallybeen […]

BECK – Loser – Guitar Lesson – Beginners ✅✅🎵

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is for my guitar lesson seriesSo today, I’ll show how to play loser [by] backThat’s pretty simple. I’ve broken it down into three riffs[okay], so the first thing you need to do is tune your top string down one tone to DSo it’s the same as the fourth string […]

MCLINTOCK! – John Wayne – Maureen O’Hara – Full Western Movie [English] – HD

Lord to goodness. Not again.– Howdy, Drago. – Morning, Curly.Makes seven times this month he come home swaggled.– Six. – Seven.Six. Once was his birthday. That don’t count.Give me my buggy whip.Didn’t have anything for breakfast but two raw eggs and a mug of honey.– No! – Curly!Yes, Boss?Don’t say it’s a fine morning, or […]

San Francisco becomes first US city to ban all e cigarette sales Daily Mail Online

San Francisco becomes first US city to ban all e cigarette sales Daily Mail OnlineBy and andPublished: 22:19 BST, 25 June 2019 | Updated: 23:53 BST, 25 June 2019San Francisco became the first major US city to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes after supervisors gave the measure its second and final vote Tuesday.Backers say […]

CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds #3 w/ Bob

*wapoosh*Jack: TESTING TESTING BOBS AN ASSHOLEJack:Yeah, we’re good dude.Bob: Oh, cool.Bob: I, uh… GREEN HAIR’S STUPID! sorry(jack giggling)Bob: I, uh, I’m ready to go. I’m ready to record I thinkJack (sadly): I just got suddenly very busy(both laugh)Jack: Where are you Bob? Bob: Helloooo!Jack: There you areBob: ‘supJack: Can you hear me in game? Bob: […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 105 after show interview

so we offer this show here that can beharry wuand familyhow did you feel has predicts the closest experiencefind out their lines timingsheadaches and moviestrillionsforte homeservice you were going into finances that’s all you decline to findnina what’s good for your lifehelen some good stuffsandbaggedas compelling as experiencingbeing soonand is awesomethat’s more like what you […]

What makes a brain thinks? Some thought experiements.

thanks for the share story yo my way here I was taken over and I wasfortunate enough to have a very cool conversation with the uber driver andmaybe share this discussion maybe we should move on we can talk more aboutthis later on and of course some of you here in the city of Cambridge […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 134 with Kristina (focus)

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Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 105 with Kandi

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Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 140 with Neha (Focus/Procrastination)

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