Vapeccino Mate 1 Full Review

hello guys it is Dale I’m here today for the full review of the VAP Chino mateone it is a refillable pod system that has direct two lung and mouth two lungpods and I’m super excited to tell you my experience with it so let’s just getstarted the mate one is amazing I have actuallybeen […]

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Nicotine

(soft music)– Well, hello there. Gabriel here to help youanswer the question.What’s the difference between nicotine saltsand freebase nicotine?Or, what’s the difference betweennic salt ejuice and regular ejuice?It’s a question you’ve been askingand a question we’re here to answer.First, we have a blog, if you want to followalong and read throughclick up here in the […]

Alternatives to Quit Smoking

How about other ways our is medication a better way or a safer way and how doesthat fit into smoking cessation well clearly the most evidence in smokingcessation is pharmacologic therapy that there’s no doubt about thatthere’s three big categories or three big drugs that we talked about wetalked about nicotine replacement therapy so patches […]

Quitting Smoking, a Tough Task

What kind of success have you seen I mean a lot of people I know again havequit didn’t happen just once you know they tried once and then theystarted smoking again it may have taken them six seven times but they dideventually quit so in your own observation in treating your ownpatients what have you […]

Ways to Quit Smoking

>Doctor is there any difference between men and women when it comes to quitting?>Not really it really depends on the background and how young they’re startedsmoking but the therapies and in ways we help patients are similar.>Is there sucha thing as a quick plan to hold people accountable and and do they really work?>Yes. Having […]

E-cigarettes, a Way to Quit Smoking

Using e-cigarettes does it help your patients or people you’ve talked toreduce their need or reduce their use of conventional cigarettesthat is a little inconclusive right now there’s three big trials in regards tothat and the data is very inconclusive we have seen some some studies that showthat in regards to cessation it doesn’t quite […]

A Fair and Balanced™©® Look at Vaping – SOME MORE NEWS

(dramatic music)– This just news in.Here, is that news.Some of it.This is some news, more of it.People are awfully concerned about vaping,a thing that, much like the new Joker movie,is mostly enjoyed by insufferable young men,is vaguely but probably not harmful,and just exhausting to talk about.Like, even the word itself, with all them V’s and […]

A Guide To DIY E-liquid – How To Make Vape Juice

Hi there, this is Stephen from Vape Club, and today we’re gonna be talking aboutDIY e-liquid. Now while we do carry a range of the world’s finest liquids hereat Vape Club, there’s gonna be a point where you might want to make your owneliquid. So we’re gonna show you what that is and how to […]

Experts warn about dangers of e-cigarette nicotine

A new study found a rapid rise in nicotine poisonings among children exposed to the liquid nicotine inside E-cigarettes. News eight’s Eric Jacobson spoke to local health experts about the study and what you should know to keep your kids safe. This is basically a poison for your children. The dangers of liquid nicotine is […]

Views sought on proposed e-Cigarette and patient safety legislation

Nicotine vapour products such as e-Cigarettes or vaporisers – as they’re also known– have become increasingly popular …and now there are plans in a bill being scrutinizedby the Scottish Parliament to restrict them, similar to what’s been done with conventionalcigarettes over the years. I think they should be regulated. Em becauseyou’re still inhaling things that […]