Elektronická cigareta / Mod – Kangertech K1 Stabwood – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with another Luxury Special review.This is Kangertech K1 box mod.Among the mainstream producers, Kangertech is the only that I know, who, in cooperation with Asvape, has made a series of box mods made of stabilised wood.Not long ago this box mod had its price tag set at $180 […]

Elektronická cigareta – VapeOnly vPipe III Ebony 18350 – Recenze (CZ)

Hello everyone, Mike Godwin´s here and some time ago we had a review about this pipe.It´s snobbish high-end.The price is huge – Dicodes e-pipe – hand made pipe. But the price is so high.But what if I would wanna be snob,but for less money?No problema.VapeOnly vPipe IIIfrom ebonynice manufacturing,nderpreassure firing – automatic puff,it´s without button.It […]

Elektronická cigareta / DIY Atomizer – Wotofo Recurve RDA – Recenze (CZ)

Hi, Mike Godwin is here, welcome.Today, I have got here first setup,that you wanted.Vandy Vape Pulse X with Wotofo Recurve RDA Singlecoil, flavourchaser atomizer,for really low price.This is one of the China atty,I cannot say something bad about it.I could, if it would be for higher price.But it is about 40 bucks. I know Wotofo […]

Elektronická cigareta / Mod: VGOD PRO 200 Mod – Review (CZ)

Hello everyone, Mike Godwin´s here,as I promised, today we have hereVGOD PRO Mod. Colorful display,button is on the top, microUSB, + – buttons.I´ve been pointed out – zinc alloyin base with gum.It´s pretty durable mod. In limited editionthe body is made out of SS.It´s kind of atypical..For beginners it´s top,the price isn´t that top,but it´s […]