Don’t STOP When You’re Tired – Motivational Video (ft. Eric Thomas)

I got to a point in my life where i got tired.So i’m getting on the plane rightand i’m walking all the way to the back like, I like i gotta move so they can get to the bathroom.I, say, to myself like why i gotta keep passing first class like why can’t i never […]

I’m Fake

Hi there! I’m Onision and I’m fake as fuck.Actually hold on I need to put my makeup on real quickThere we go, that’s slightly better or worse.But hold on let me fix my hair-Gosh am I more relatable yet?Anyway I’m making this video to point out somethingI’m sorry let me try that againAnyway! I’m making […]

How to Stay Motivated, Using Psychology.

Every day, you probably have to do at least one thing you’d rather not do.Maybe you have to finish a boring work project, or go to the gym again, or stick to your dietwhen you’d rather spend the day binging Netflix and eating Doritos.Sticking to your long-term goals requires motivation.But just like people, motivation is […]

Soha ne add fel! | Gunagriha előadás – Komárnó, 2016.05.03

A warm welcome to everyone who came to our event today. My name is Lajos Marsalek.Some of you may not know Gunagriha yet, so I’d like to introduce him briefly.He is a student of Sri Chinmoy, and he’s here with us in Komárom the third time alreadyand there’s always more and more of us present, […]

The #1 BEST Motivational Speech EVER! – When You Want To Succeed – Motivation For Success

so if you want to make six figures youcan’t just be talking about you want tomake six figures you hear what I’msaying you tonight if you do the threethings I tell you to do tonight Iguarantee whatever it is you want to doin life you’ll be able to do you won’tbe able to accomplish whatever […]

I Quit Alcohol… Again

Hey guys! So I think it’s been a little over a year since I’ve made that lastvideo and I wanted to share with you what happened as you probably alreadyguessed from the title of this video I drank again and I’m also quitting againalcohol affected my life in a horrible way and I’m deciding to […]

Hypnosis Video – Most Disgusting Man Alive

I’m the mostdisgusting human being you’veever seen in the entire worldand I’m giving you those eyes,those hey hey hey, baby kind ofeyes.}Good to have you here LaurenNice to meet you.Good to have you here.All right, perfect.: Hey Lauren, where are you from?:: Where are you from?: New York.: New York as well. All right, excellent.Is […]

NEVER GIVE UP – Motivational Video

When I was a kid I could go through a math book in a weekWhat job?StockbrokerStockbroker?YeahNot an astronaut? But I listened to what Jim Bob Arnold said 21 years ago.The most poignant seven words ever uttered in any speech anywhere.Don”t give up.Don’t ever give up.Those great people didn’t.So…I now have a responsibility to also not […]

How to believe in yourself: Jim Cathcart at TEDxDelrayBeach

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Elisabeth BuffardSomewhere deep inside,you know what kind of person you were designed to be.If you want to produce great acorns,think like an oak, not like an acorn.Think like the person you intend to become,like the Christian question: what would Jesus do?Ask yourself, how would the person I’d like to bedo the […]

Dear Indian Education System | Indian Short Film | FMF

Dear Indian Education SystemPapa, Mummy and SocietyMy results got out todayAnd I failed, again.Hence, I have decided to take a huge step.But, before that, you guys need to knowa lot of things about me.I used to score amazing till std.10thWhen I scored well, leave alone my parents,All my friends, nieghbours, shopkeepers…Even the watchman of my […]