Alan Watts – Change Your Mind and It Will Change Your Life ( Motivation Video )

now as you do this you begin to notice arather uriens change in your generalfeeling of life you notice that theirseasons to be what I would call aninterruption or an interval between yourexperience and yourselfyou see in our ordinary way of using ourminds the chronic sense of strain thechronic attempt to think about and makesense […]

Don’t STOP When You’re Tired – Motivational Video (ft. Eric Thomas)

I got to a point in my life where i got tired.So i’m getting on the plane rightand i’m walking all the way to the back like, I like i gotta move so they can get to the bathroom.I, say, to myself like why i gotta keep passing first class like why can’t i never […]

Speaking English by Prof Sumita Roy at IMPACT SEPT 2015

speaker:: My dear friends are you ready now!Audiance: *Yes*Speaker: To get job what is the most importent To get an employment what is the most importentWe will teach you, butThe most important , why my brothers and sisters and my children are not getting employment, your know?The major heardle isEnglish!Due to unable to speak englishDue […]

We’re a society of quitters that stink at quitting.

What if not quitting that bad habit was the key to success. Good morning folks.Josh Zepess here, freedom fighter and creator with broke is no joke.The movement towards true freedom,you know all that stuff you’re not supposed to know,but all those things you care about the most of your money, your health,your life, your success, […]

Jim Kwik on How to Unlock Genius and Uncover Your Superpower | Impact Theory

Tom: Hey, everybody.Welcome to Impact Theory.You’re here my friends because you believe that human potential is nearly limitless butyou know that having potential is not the same as actually doing something with it soour goal with this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas thatare going to help you actually […]

The Science of Limiting Beliefs | Crystal Dilworth on Impact Theory

Crystal: You never really know who we would have been if we had made one different decisionway back there in our childhood, but because of the way the brain develops, we are moreemotionally susceptible to the experiences that we have early on in life than we arelater in life.Tom: Hey everybody!Welcome to Impact Theory.You are […]

This Indian Mystic Drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS (I’m Speechless!) | Sadhguru on Impact Theory

Pain is a good thing physically because that is yourpreservationself-preservation mechanismBut suffering is something that you do in your mindSo pain that happens in your bodyyou take it in your mind and multiply it a thousand times or a million times depending on how capable you are andSuffer it a million times overright nowMost human […]

Losing Weight with Hypnosis, Surrey Weight Loss Techniques And Answers

Losing Weight with Hypnosis.If you have found that diets don’t work, that losing weight is a rollercoaster of negativeemotions.Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with hypnotherapy is a powerful formula for deliveringexcellent resultsDuring hypnotherapy sessions, you will: • Identify those damaging eating patterns, sothat you can lose pounds, yet still enjoy the food you love.• Be mindful of everything […]


– Hey, what’s goin’ on? It’s Brian from London Real. I just had someone ask me about mentors and mentorship. And it’s funny because it probably took me 30 or 40 years to figure out why you need mentors in your life. And the real truth is, is that we’re all in a race against […]

Today I AM FREE – Manifesting Through Deep Inner Changes

Today I Am Free.Manifesting Through Deep Inner ChangesBy Richard Dotts.Table of Contents.Chapter 1 – Today I Am Free.Chapter 2 – The Manifestation Buck Stops With You.Chapter 3 – Manifestation In Progress!Chapter 4 – How Interpersonal Relationships Affect Your Manifestations.Chapter 5 – Can Other People’s Thoughts Affect Our Manifestations?Chapter 6 – Today I Am Free from […]