Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

[MUSIC PLAYING]MALE SPEAKER 1: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SOVIET ANTHEM PLAYING]ALISON SEVERS: In 1979, the Soviet army enteredAfghanistan, engaging in a brutal 10-year conflict whichkick-started the Afghan opium trade.It was sold all over the world to help fund the fight againstthe Soviets, but the main customers of the opium werethe Russians themselves.After the fall of the Soviet […]

What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World? ft. In A Nutshell (Kurzgesagt)

Death by drug overdose has been on the rise in the US, with a 2.2-fold increase from 2002to 2015.But what is the most dangerous drug in the world? [Illustrated by Kurzgesagt.]If we’re simply talking about the most lethal substances, scientists use something calledthe “median lethal dose” or LD50 which measures how much of a substance […]

Is LSD Really That Dangerous?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, whether that’s one of the best beatles songs of all timeor just a weird song about LSD is up for debate. But what is LSD and is it actually dangerous?Hey guys Julia here for DNewsWhen you hear LSD you might think of a Beatles song or a little piece […]

World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

[INTRO PLAYING]RYAN DUFFY: Welcome to Bogota, Colombia.We’re here chasing after the most dangerous drug in theworld, burundanga.Burundanga is the source of scopolamine, which isbasically like the worst roofie you can ever imaginetimes a million.You’re at the whim of suggestions like, hey, take meto your ATM.Hey, come with me to the hotel room–while you’re completely conscious […]