New smoke-free initiatives needed to motivate Māori to quit

Despite a raft of smoking cessation programmes,tobacco use by Maori remains disproportionately high.That’s prompted the Maori Affairs select committeeto urge the Ministry of Health to come up with new waysto motivate Maori whanau to stop smoking.Irena Smith reports.Focusing on the good stats……but the number of Maori smokers is still quite high.So what is the Ministry […]

Five carcinogens found in “heat-not-burn” e-cigarettes

There’s been widespread belief the so-called “heat-not-burn” electronic cigarettes aresafer than conventional ones… as they heat tobacco to a temperature high enough to createvapor not smoke.But that may not be true, as health authorities in the nation announced there’s no reasonto believe these relatively new devices are less toxic.Our Ko Roon-hee explains further.It’s been a […]

Native American Teens Stop Smoking (UMTV)

[narrator] In Robeson County, North Carolina tobaccohas been a major cash crop for generations.[Gary Locklear] Tobacco was king.It paid the bills.We continued to grow tobacco and continued totreat the disease that it created.[narrator] The Reverend Gary Locklear has lost four siblingsto tobacco-related diseases.[Gary Locklear] …heart trouble, diabetes, emphysema…[narrator] Five years ago, North Carolina partnered with […]