Elektronická cigareta / Setup – Starss & Advken CP – Recenze (CZ)

Hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with another Tuesday double review.I was waiting quite a long time for reviewing this setup.A nice, tiny, simple to use device. Since it’s in green (along with its box), please pardon any green-screen mishappenings.It was waiting for its companion (Advken CP), also it was waiting for its rival (SD75C)Both are […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio C – Flat – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with another Monday review.Today we’ll look at Vaptio C-Flat. A tiny simple MTL thingy. I like its modesty.The flavour interpretation is acceptable, the vapor production is sufficient. It’s an elegant MTL device, a little bizarre. It faintly resembles a space ship.Subtle and unobtrusive. Powered by a 350mAh battery, […]

Elektronická cigareta / Mod – Kangertech K1 Stabwood – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with another Luxury Special review.This is Kangertech K1 box mod.Among the mainstream producers, Kangertech is the only that I know, who, in cooperation with Asvape, has made a series of box mods made of stabilised wood.Not long ago this box mod had its price tag set at $180 […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – iJoy Wondervape Mech Kit – Recenze (CZ)

Hello vapers, its Tuesday and Mike Godwin is here with next double review.Today we got iJoy WondervapeIts for 27 700 battery.Mod is wide approx 25mmSo primary its for 27700 but you can use reduction for 18650Atomizer have some 23mm4 post baseIt has many options for air.How its packaged?Classic packaging from iJoy.They have many orange boxes. […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC 150 – Recenze (CZ)

Hello vapers, and everyone, today is Monday and i have here kit. Its Innokin Coolfire Ultra TC 150W.Its small, inconspicuous it has 150W with TC. Its feel good in my hand.Coilhead atty. Its not bad, and also it has good decent flavour.At this moment im running on 39W and let´s try 45WINSANESo on low power […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Freemax Conqueror Resin 80W Kit – Recenze (CZ)

Hello guys, vaper and everyone, its Wednesday special with Mike GodwinAt this moment i want something cheap, and niceFreemax Conqueror 80W, its set for one battery, its made of resin, price is OK. Its looking like “luxury” device. Also it has GENE chip with good TC, great power managment.flavour is goodpaper box in book style […]

Elektronická cigareta / Basic kit – Joyetech Exceed – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin. Welcome to the first review of the year 2018.Today we’ll have a look at Joyetech Exceed. I don’t really like Joyetech, eLeaf or Wismec products. All of them are powered by the same chip.However, considering the basic kits, Joyetech does make some good stuff. Exceed is a small […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio N1 Pro 240W – Recenze (CZ)

Hello guys, vapers and everyone, today is Monday and again we have some normal review.And today i´ve got here Vaptio N1 Pro. Its kit with maximal power 240W.What is interesting on this device? In our country is this like “no name company” but they doing good devices for good prices which work properly.Packaging – Its […]

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio C II (C 2) – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with Tuesday review.Today we’ll look at Vaptio C-II. A rubber-coated tube with a matte finish.Let’s look at the packaging. The TPD warning is present. Inside there’s user manual with additional warning notes, even a note to prime your coil head first.The kit is seated in a plastic bed, […]

Elektronická cigareta – VapeOnly vPipe III Ebony 18350 – Recenze (CZ)

Hello everyone, Mike Godwin´s here and some time ago we had a review about this pipe.It´s snobbish high-end.The price is huge – Dicodes e-pipe – hand made pipe. But the price is so high.But what if I would wanna be snob,but for less money?No problema.VapeOnly vPipe IIIfrom ebonynice manufacturing,nderpreassure firing – automatic puff,it´s without button.It […]