College Girl Hypnotized on live TV #hypnosis #hypno #NLP

yeah okay so what we’re about to do is hypnosis you will not be unconscious atany time so it’s not like you are knocked out, there’s no sleepinggas yeah you won’t be knockedover anyways you still be aware of what’s happening around you it wouldjust be like right before you fall asleep you still be […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 155 with Violet (confidence)

so this is a look at this very selfish and uh… i guess i get mad as felloware you doing goddamreminders of what is it thatyou were hereoutmigraines thathouse are you doing these thingskarna didarbitrage senseare alittle whilehow are you feeling todaywell i’m not ait so i’ve come back to bother me what it means […]

Best hypnosis induction EVER! – Coming soon ASMR

allow my voice wrapped tighter and tigher around your headyou begin to feel sleepystill sleepingsleepyvery sleepyfor making a retiree now fault your stresswell my fingers are renowned all your worriesthey should continue to focus only on the sound of my weightsyou for your intense desire to become totally hypnotizedjust keep buildingand buildingyou for your intends […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 136 with Erica (making decisions)

with a different lesson is that huhelectrichappydoesn’t even took on video soeverywherekissingernextit’s a lot i lived in indiaokayimpactsin singaporedesire itallowat sixofficeruh… beholden to three puh…it make it would depend on whatmeyermc crown street bosons mechanicthat photographichethe you also to rsvpitwants all proposalall let her answeryou acceptedover gottesmanso i was just followingcanceruh…and uh… afterwards sitepaints icici […]

WHAT is CONCIOUS and SUBCONCOUS mind THINKING | Control Subconcious Mind | Reprogram your MIND NOW

First we need to understand subconscious mind because that is 90 %the 10% is conscious mindthe problem istill now people didnt know about subconscious thats why they were using consciousif we put our little math in itif i know only 10% of somethingout of 100 i only know 10we dont know that 90%we dont know […]

Softening Around The Habit of Smoking • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa.Welcome to your guided meditation.Find a quiet space where it’s peaceful and you can be alone.Place yourself in a comfortable seated position, with a straight spine and good posture.If you feel more at ease lying down, then please do this.Now gently close your eyes.Begin by taking some deep, cleansing breaths down into your […]

How to Cure Anxiety Presentation – Jane E Fendelman, MC

Hi, I’m Jane Fendelman I do individual couples and child family therapy in Midtown PhoenixI have a private practice, which I’ve had for 24 years. You can look me upCome see me if you want to – I’m really honored to be here tonight with you allIt is Tuesday nightI don’t know if there’s football […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 141 with Anais (insomnia)

let’s take a look at this let’s listeninto an accidentspendsand he said he reiteratedexitalsohello split it upanti-western massachusettsanilathe computer ordinarywill celery resisti don’t know how it justsomewhat likeaag eyescolorless crystalline silicon droppedso let me nouh… this is a little more sircoursesavc it’s like thisayatollah stuff flowerson peoplededicated long holidayminutes we’re talking about hereno problem if […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition Episode 196 with Kristin (Energy Block / Spirtual Awakening)

hello welcome to this episode of hypnotist bernice exposition joining ustonight is Kristen how are you doingtell us a little bit about yourself where are you from I’m from a ok and I’ma boat is that it is the hand okay Lake Michigan and it’s about five hoursnorthwest of Detroit okay nice there are farms […]

Stressed About Work? How to Outthink Anxiety, with Byron Katie

The Work is basic inquiry, and it takes one into a meditative state. Let’s say if you’revery stressed out you just become still. And you identify what you were thinking and believingin that situation. Let’s say I’m at work and I have the thought, you know, “This jobis stressing me out.”So I would simply, now […]