Alan Watts – Change Your Mind and It Will Change Your Life ( Motivation Video )

now as you do this you begin to notice arather uriens change in your generalfeeling of life you notice that theirseasons to be what I would call aninterruption or an interval between yourexperience and yourselfyou see in our ordinary way of using ourminds the chronic sense of strain thechronic attempt to think about and makesense […]

How to give up any addiction: smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating. How to deal with one-side love

Hello my darling friends!My name is Lisa Grail and I really want you to watch this video if you have any addictionto: food, alcohol, smoking, people, sex, drugs.By addiction, I mean a person’s pathological addiction to something, when he cannot resistthe desire to do something and restrain himself.In my life there was an addiction to […]

How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

The first important thing what is problem in practicepractice is very very simplethis is the art of concentration on self withthe true idea, true thought and true concept that head to toes whatever we feel is all in allall in all means everything we will find within all external engineeringdepartments, medical sciences and many other […]

OSHO: My Whole Life is Full of Jokes

silence shared in words presents My Whole Life Is Full of Jokes Sitting in front of us, what do you see? Do you find all these jokes while looking at us? Chaitanya, you are right. I have to confess it: looking at you, what else can be found? You are all a joke unto yourself. […]

What makes a brain thinks? Some thought experiements.

thanks for the share story yo my way here I was taken over and I wasfortunate enough to have a very cool conversation with the uber driver andmaybe share this discussion maybe we should move on we can talk more aboutthis later on and of course some of you here in the city of Cambridge […]

Losing Weight with Hypnosis, Surrey Weight Loss Techniques And Answers

Losing Weight with Hypnosis.If you have found that diets don’t work, that losing weight is a rollercoaster of negativeemotions.Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with hypnotherapy is a powerful formula for deliveringexcellent resultsDuring hypnotherapy sessions, you will: • Identify those damaging eating patterns, sothat you can lose pounds, yet still enjoy the food you love.• Be mindful of everything […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 140 with Neha (Focus/Procrastination)

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Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 154 Aftershow interview

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Why I’m On A Mission… Part I | GraceSmithTV

Take a nice, deep, letting go breath. Hi. I wanted to share with you today why I amon a mission to make hypnosis mainstream. If you have been following me for a whileyou have heard bits and pieces and if you are brand new you are probably thinking: Why?That is kind of arandom thing to […]