Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 1/2)

Hello, I am Hamiltonand I’m currently standing on the outskirts of a weed field in Swaziland.And, I am holding in my hand a plastic bag full of Swaziland gold nugsand I am grateful to be herevery grateful to be hereyeahwith a temperate climate majestic waterfalls and an abundance of playfulmonkeys the kingdom of swaziland would […]

The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy | Josh Stanley | TEDxBoulder

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Rhonda JacobsAlright. I am so stoked to be up here with you guys tonightto talk about weed, bro!(Laughter)I’m just kidding with you guys.We are going to chitchat just a little bit about medical cannabis, though, tonight.(Laughter)Back in 2010, I had the honor to help co-author a House billhere in Coloradothat I […]

OSHO: About Drugs

Osho OSHO Talks OSHO Talks: silence shared in words Osho Osho International Foundation presents Osho About Drugs What are your thoughts on the drug problem that exists in the North American society: cocaine usage, marijuana? Any thoughts on that? In fact, all the governments should help the scientists to find better drugs with lesser side […]

Marijuana Minors

we brave mykayla again I just wanted to tell you how my cannabis makes me feel it makes me feel tired like rest I’m tired it makes me have the Munchie Munchie [Music] that’s an easy day to remember Friday the 13th 2012 was the day we got told she had a mass in her […]

Marijuana and Spirituality (Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?) – Teal Swan

Marijuana and Spirituality(Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?)[subtitles using inown.org]hello everyone. in accordance with popular demandi decided that today’s video should be on pot otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana.cannabis has been used as a spiritual drug since 2000 BC.has been used as a spiritual drug because it’s a psychoactive drug.what a psychoactive drug is, is a […]

Weed Weight Chart How To Weigh Marijuana | Grams To Pounds Marijuana Weights

Do you need a weed weight chart because you don’t know how to price or weigh weed? Ifyou need a weed weights conversion chart because you’re high, paranoid, and believe your dispensaryis knicking your bag, visit Weedpad.com for a free weed weights measurements weight chart download.