STANDING vs SITTING: Sitting is the New Smoking!

which item in this picture do you think negatively affects people’s health more than anything else alcohol cigarettes the doughnut hamburger sure they’re all pretty bad for you but most people know that and at least try to limit their intake somewhat to these items even a little bit but it’s the things we don’t […]

THE ONLY REAL WAY TO HEAL, Markus Rothkranz Truth about Health

what I’m about to tell you is one of the most important things you will ever need to know about healing anything in your life and it’s the one thing that most people don’t want to think about as I’ve been saying this from the very beginning but people just don’t want to hear this […]

Why My Hair and Nails Grow Too Fast: Markus Rothkranz

my hair and nails grows too fast I know some of you are going boy I wish I had that problem you know you don’t trust me I got into bed last night my toenails are scratching the sheets and I’m going I just cut my nails three days ago what you know it says […]