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Smoking Pot Can Actually Make You Thin?

really incredible research from a harvard researcher that indicatesdisconnect actually make infiniteknowing when you think that marijuana you think of mine she’s right peopleovereat butthere have been three previous studies and this one that i’m about to talkaboutuh… that indicating that people actually loulose weight if they smoke pot regularly so if you’d be kato […]

Dr. Önder Albayram (Harvard Üniversitesi) – Marijuana / Kenevir ve Beyin

Yes. Hi all, today we will be with you in another extraordinary broadcast in Tree of Evolution. I’m Burak Çankaya, our guests Çağrı and Professor Önder are with us.Hi folks.Hello professor welcome, welcome Çağrı.If any problem arises, please help us to improve ourselves. First of all let us tell something, the name of this broadcast […]