Smoking’s Impact on the Lungs

>We have a 3D image of a smoker’s lung and we’re gonna discuss here exactlywhat we’re seeing here. Tell us if you will doctor, what exactly is smoker’slung, and how does this damage affect the breathing?> Okay. So smokers lungs arepretty much the damage or the end of years of smoking exposure to theirnormal lungs. […]

2017 Beyond the Data — E-cigarettes: An Emerging Public Health Challenge

[Thorpe] Welcome to Beyond the Data. I’m Dr. Phoebe Thorpe, and here with me today is Dr. Brian King from CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health. Thank you for joining us Brian. [King] Thanks so much for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here. [Thorpe] Our topic today is E-cigarettes. Can you tell us […]

Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body – Enda Butler

You breathe in about 17,000 times per day.It’s a process you rarely think about,but behind the scenes, a huge coordinated effort is playing out.Your vital organs,the gut,brain,bones,lungs,blood,and heartwork together to sustain your lifeby delivering oxygen to tissues throughout your body.Most of our cells need oxygenbecause it’s one of the key ingredients of aerobic respiration.That’s the […]

Sleep Apnea

if you have obstructive sleep apnoea your breathing pauses for brief periods while you’re asleep normally when you breathe in air flows in through your mouth and nose and down your throat also called the pharynx air then flows down your windpipe or trachea spreading through a tree like structure of smaller tubes into your […]

How does asthma work? – Christopher E. Gaw

It starts with a cough,or a wheeze.Soon, your chest feels tight.Your breathing speeds up and gets shallower,making you feel short of breath.These are common symptoms of an asthma attack.Around the world, more than 300 million people suffer from asthma,and around 250,000 people die from it each year.But why do people get asthma and how can […]

Stop smoking

STOP SMOKINGI will show you a way to stop smoking in a painless fashion,or at least to drastically reduce the quantity of inhaled smoke.I don’t try to sell you something, just to help you, because this method really works.It helped me to quit in 21 days, with very little struggle.For doing this, you will need […]

Four Vitamins that Help You Heal Your Lungs After Smoking

Four Vitamins that Help You Heal Your Lungs After SmokingAre you in the habit of smoking? Have you given it up recently? In either of these cases, you need to know that getting certain vitamins helps you to heal your lungs after smoking.Many people ignore this.We usually think that giving up smoking is enough for […]

Get To Know The Smokers Living With Cancer, COPD And Angina | funded

Well, it’s like anywhere else.You get some good spots and you get some bad spots.It used to be a busy town.I mean, you could go from one job and go to another job but you can’t now.My grandparents were born in Hartlepool.My parents were born in Hartlepool.And I was born in Hartlepool.And my daughter was […]

Nurse Posts Video Of Black Lungs Inflating And Now Everybody Wants To Quit

If I were to tell you that smoking was bad for you, would you say that you never heardthat before?Let’s face it, everybody knows that smoking is bad for you and even the tobacco companieshave been forced to admit it.They have to paste it on the side of the cigarette packages but even if you […]

Smoking vs Vaping

Cigarettes and Marijuana and have been used for centuries, but only recently has the processof vaporizing these substances become popular. So, what does science have to say about thistechnology? Is it actually better for you?When smoking normally, the heat from fire causes substances to change from a solid stateto a vapor. In cigarettes, this releases […]