Smoke Free Ottawa: A Visual History of Ottawa’s No Smoking By-Law

The City of Ottawa is world renowned for it’s proud heritage, cultural diversity, distinctiveneighbourhoods and boundless recreational opportunities in its great outdoors. It isa city that continuously strives to improves the quality of life and health for it’s residentsand visitors. For decades the City of Ottawa has been a leader by implementing innovativetobacco control and […]

The Chainsmokers – Hope ft. Winona Oak (Lyric Video)

HopeThe ChainsmokersFT. Winona OakI would have walked through fireTo kiss your lipsDo you still think about itOf what you did?Still see your old aparmentLike a bad tripWish i could forget all theplaces we’ve beenhard and heavywhiskey goodbeysBoy you know how to make a girl cryWas sleeping in a bed full of liesAndNow that I’m older […]

How easy it is to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice Part 1

Hi this is Andrea Smith again at Hypnotherapy in SurreyHow easy is it to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice 1I provide Confidence coaching for business through Cognitive behaviour therapy and Clinicalhypnotherapy. If you know that smoking is bad for your health,Then your mind was very good at convincing you that you are immune to the […]


What’s up, Football fans!Your reaction after the last episode provoked me to prepare another ranking for you and it’s on more than an interesting topic.Football and in general sport has always been a field where to be successful means to be disciplined.Going out with friends, drinking, smoking, partying. Better forget about all these if you […]