How to Manifest Your Freedom | Manifest the Things You Want in Life

– Everything in life begins with belief and desire.Your freedom is no different.Too often we trade our freedomfor what we think will help us get aheadand in the end without freedomwe are left with a massive void in our life.We bury our dreams, spend timewith people who don’t elevate us and trade our energyfor nothing […]

What makes a brain thinks? Some thought experiements.

thanks for the share story yo my way here I was taken over and I wasfortunate enough to have a very cool conversation with the uber driver andmaybe share this discussion maybe we should move on we can talk more aboutthis later on and of course some of you here in the city of Cambridge […]

Today I AM FREE – Manifesting Through Deep Inner Changes

Today I Am Free.Manifesting Through Deep Inner ChangesBy Richard Dotts.Table of Contents.Chapter 1 – Today I Am Free.Chapter 2 – The Manifestation Buck Stops With You.Chapter 3 – Manifestation In Progress!Chapter 4 – How Interpersonal Relationships Affect Your Manifestations.Chapter 5 – Can Other People’s Thoughts Affect Our Manifestations?Chapter 6 – Today I Am Free from […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 154 Aftershow interview

all right so we are hecticwhere our fitness show here is chanson person our ego is doing yet this greataunt alice of one was experience like the fulfills its looks at some oftransfers i’llfinally conscious animalsexpressing all online chatuh… yun i’ve heard in a minute don’t feel different right now do you feelthat it did […]

“BE AS IF” My Secret Manifestation Weapon More Powerful than “Acting As If”

this video I’m gonna show you how to be as if this is a process that is muchmore powerful than what people do acting as if I’m gonna show you how to use itand how this will change your life welcome back to another video my name’sErin and I help people expand their consciousness now […]

College Girl Hypnotized on live TV #hypnosis #hypno #NLP

yeah okay so what we’re about to do is hypnosis you will not be unconscious atany time so it’s not like you are knocked out, there’s no sleepinggas yeah you won’t be knockedover anyways you still be aware of what’s happening around you it wouldjust be like right before you fall asleep you still be […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 155 with Violet (confidence)

so this is a look at this very selfish and uh… i guess i get mad as felloware you doing goddamreminders of what is it thatyou were hereoutmigraines thathouse are you doing these thingskarna didarbitrage senseare alittle whilehow are you feeling todaywell i’m not ait so i’ve come back to bother me what it means […]

Best hypnosis induction EVER! – Coming soon ASMR

allow my voice wrapped tighter and tigher around your headyou begin to feel sleepystill sleepingsleepyvery sleepyfor making a retiree now fault your stresswell my fingers are renowned all your worriesthey should continue to focus only on the sound of my weightsyou for your intense desire to become totally hypnotizedjust keep buildingand buildingyou for your intends […]

Softening Around The Habit of Smoking • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa.Welcome to your guided meditation.Find a quiet space where it’s peaceful and you can be alone.Place yourself in a comfortable seated position, with a straight spine and good posture.If you feel more at ease lying down, then please do this.Now gently close your eyes.Begin by taking some deep, cleansing breaths down into your […]