Gypsy lady hypnotized 3 women with hypnosis and took all their money

вдыхаем их all давай помогу тебе подруга давай помогу смотри как ангелочек у тебя счастливой а ты на тебя похоже спасибо мы сами дело предстоит тебе трудно и рискованно и но не печалься все хорошо будет пройдут над тобой черные тучи горюч и сгину товара на все четыре стороны все знаем всё вижу станет твоя […]

Comfort Hypnosis

good evening I’m glad you decided to come I know that this might be a littlestrange to you this is a very new experience for a lot of people but Ithink you’ve made the right decision a very mature and wise decision to startlooking after your own health your own peace of mind your own […]

poison ivy hypnosis

way to say it I told you this was the wrong house Woodson spot it’s not myfault wouldn’t you tell your father sleeping you should have alreadyobserved ep all your fault now right the wrong house oh I’m sorry to bother youwe’re looking for this it’s her dad don’t worry about it have you seen […]

Lady psychologist hypnosis – amnesia forget what happened and triggered.

okay you could just go ahead and have a seatI’ve been looking over your forms Eagles up here and I see that you are greatthat you’re afraid of going too deep so Jade the equal able to get out andyou’re giving all that you have and that you’re not control and then you cancontrol this […]

parlor show hypnosis

as you can see this gentleman’s body is extremely rigid he’s in a very deephypnotic state and when he comes out he won’t remember anything that’s happenedgentlemen would you please help me how do you like now we don’t want to breakhim thank you gentlemen very much give him a nice hand won’t you now […]

best magic show hypnosis

for the past 20 years these have been the most famous eyes in all of HollywoodColin the hip hypnotist this marks the 20th anniversary sincemiss Pat Collins began performing America’s most unusual nightclub act onthe world famous Sunset Strip has the first person to successfully combinedhypnotism with entertainment Gesu became the one show in Hollywood […]

party girl hypnotized girlfriend with hypnosis

what time is it you’ve got a bit time yet we’ve got 20 minutes for you got menothing I’m gonna be late I won’t stay for a little bit yeah finish your drinkat ladies yeahyour boss won’t mind feel a little bit like anyway only no I guess I guess noyeah exactly you always really […]

comfort hypnosis 3

ahora así al mirar agua y sistema en guayas coleccionista 5 uy gente y dije mamá amarilla en gel famous m pero no no sí sí dv sí pero bueno y bueno o sea guau hoy las delicias etc lewis jockey y yo como y para mí en esto ya te lo digo porque soy […]

comfort hypnosis 2

and I am an actual certified clinical hypnotherapist and I brought you youtoday to put you into a deep state of relaxation so before we begin just makesure you are in a comfortable position to go into a deep relaxation this is areal guided hypnotic induction and depending on how many people enjoy thisvideo I’ll […]

Horror movie hypnosis

this is Moorhead what a surprise last I’d heard you’d set up camp and wherewas it Vienna hmm that’s right I’ve beenstudying hmm sharp mind will take you far I supposeyou’ve heard the judge released your husband’s estate he gave it all back tothe physicians Council for the hospital fund except I hear that someonepersuaded […]