Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 105 after show interview

so we offer this show here that can beharry wuand familyhow did you feel has predicts the closest experiencefind out their lines timingsheadaches and moviestrillionsforte homeservice you were going into finances that’s all you decline to findnina what’s good for your lifehelen some good stuffsandbaggedas compelling as experiencingbeing soonand is awesomethat’s more like what you […]

I’m Fake

Hi there! I’m Onision and I’m fake as fuck.Actually hold on I need to put my makeup on real quickThere we go, that’s slightly better or worse.But hold on let me fix my hair-Gosh am I more relatable yet?Anyway I’m making this video to point out somethingI’m sorry let me try that againAnyway! I’m making […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 109 with Catherine

along on the surface of the stories plus interest in this countryi don’t knoware you doing thiscutting off it’s that you knowloaded with scatteredyetplus a little bit like a celebrated fromhereuh… advertising for me and i think what requestedor what it means that seyipenetrationsomebody if harry hollister indiauh… fridaylives in boston and stufffertilizing here nowyou’dyourunfortunately […]

The #1 BEST Motivational Speech EVER! – When You Want To Succeed – Motivation For Success

so if you want to make six figures youcan’t just be talking about you want tomake six figures you hear what I’msaying you tonight if you do the threethings I tell you to do tonight Iguarantee whatever it is you want to doin life you’ll be able to do you won’tbe able to accomplish whatever […]

Tony Robbins: DON’T EVER GIVE UP ( Tony Robbins Motivation )

Tony Robbins: And I’m here to tell you what you already know resources are never theproblem it’s a lack of resourcefulness is why you failed because the ultimateresources are emotional states if you’re creative enough can you find the answeryes or no if you’re determined enough can you find the breakthrough yes or noif you’re […]

NEVER GIVE UP – Motivational Video

When I was a kid I could go through a math book in a weekWhat job?StockbrokerStockbroker?YeahNot an astronaut? But I listened to what Jim Bob Arnold said 21 years ago.The most poignant seven words ever uttered in any speech anywhere.Don”t give up.Don’t ever give up.Those great people didn’t.So…I now have a responsibility to also not […]

190. Quit Smoking!

Hey guys and welcome to goodness!Today’s goodness is about New York Cityhelping Chinese men to quit smoking!As most of you know, smoking is really bad for you,and more often than not leads to lung cancer.In New York, it has been found thatChinese men smoke more than any other ethnic group,and the percentage increasing every year.Because […]

Dear Indian Education System | Indian Short Film | FMF

Dear Indian Education SystemPapa, Mummy and SocietyMy results got out todayAnd I failed, again.Hence, I have decided to take a huge step.But, before that, you guys need to knowa lot of things about me.I used to score amazing till std.10thWhen I scored well, leave alone my parents,All my friends, nieghbours, shopkeepers…Even the watchman of my […]

Hypnotist Bernie Special Interview with De’Anna Nunez

you may not know the status of the disparities exposition joining ustonightit’s the endat thisbasketball capital of the united statesspringfield massachusetts argued that congress to the act this check out yourperforming for springfield college students greatwho’d we’re going to have a good time urgency that rock the house this eveninga litmus test for the magic […]

(Full Audiobook) Self-Confidence Boom

Matlin core audio presents Self-Confidence Boom written by GeorgeZelina, narrated by Jim Cooper.A day merely survived is no cause for celebration you are not here to fritteraway your precious hours when you have the ability to accomplish so much bymaking a slight change in your routine Og Mandino 17 rules to live byeighth rule extract […]