The Ebola Virus Explained — How Your Body Fights For Survival

What makes Ebola so dangerous?How can a virus overwhelm the very complexdefense system of the body so quicklyand so effectively?Let’s take a look at what Ebola does.(Theme music)Ebola is a virus.A virus is a very small thing.A bit of RNA or DNAand a few proteinsand a hull.It has no ability to do anythingby itself whatsoever,and […]

Smoking Vulture Brains in South Africa

[Music] thanks motivation is very very good lots of people is coming in to one day is the vulture great if you use virtual brains for for the open your mind some places like this really put your water boiling then you drink it inhale people are using men and horses agree I get out […]

Does Cigarette Smoking Affect Candida?

Hi there Eric Becker, naturopath from New Zealand.I’ve a question here from Sinead [Ranash 00:00:07], Mr Ranash your question.Mr Eric, I ask you for a third time to do please a video on the link between smokingand candida.Can smoking kill flora?Can smoking feed candida or bad bacteria?Mr Ranash, thank you for the question, my apologies […]

The surprising cause of stomach ulcers – Rusha Modi

In 1984, an enterprising Australian doctor named Barry Marshalldecided to take a risk.Too many of his patients were complaining of severe abdominal paindue to stomach ulcers,which are sores in the lining of the upper intestinal tract.At the time, few effective treatments for ulcers existed,and many sufferers required hospitalization or even surgery.Desperate for answers,Dr. Marshall swallowed […]

Lung diseases and tobacco

Adult long-term exposure to tobacco smoke and this is both active smokingand second-hand exposure, can cause loss of taste, chronic rhinosinusitis,in your nose and your sinuses, you can get chronic bronchitis andinflammation in the airways and the little tiny airways as well, withincreased mucus production and reduction of the ability of your lungs to fightoff […]

Quitting smoking even after a lung disease diagnosis

I’ve had many patients say over the years that ‘I’ve already got COPD, I’vealready got lung cancer, you know what’s the point of quitting smoking?’ and what Isay to them all it always helps, it always improves your health and that isunderestimated by my patients I think, how much it’s going to help them, so […]

The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking

they were very pleased to have you on alternative views tonight and I think we’re going to have an opportunity to tell our audience all the things that they wanted to know but we’re afraid to ask about smoking cigarettes the tobacco industry because you’ve been researching these topics for years and have come up […]