Quit Smoking in one Hypnotic Session

Exclusive images from the courses of Dr. ParetInduction to stop smokingIn a single sessionYou would stop smokingThis will be your last cigaretteThe fascination beginsI would like you to visualise the desire of smokingVisualise the idea of smokingand then look at meVisualise the smokingand then look at meNon-verbal hypnosisLight touches deepen the stateYou feel to cough […]

Students Hypnotize | Non-Verbal Hypnosis Course

Patrizia – Student of Dr ParetPatrizia has succesfully completed the live course of Dr ParetShe is putting into practice the unique techniques taught in classWorking with the Mesmeric GazeImages from the course of Dr ParetTrance is already inducedThe subject enters a somnambulistic statePure Ecstasy!The beginning of a Hypnotic TransfertTime to awaken the first subjectmagnetic passesEssential […]

Losing Weight with Hypnosis, Surrey Weight Loss Techniques And Answers

Losing Weight with Hypnosis.If you have found that diets don’t work, that losing weight is a rollercoaster of negativeemotions.Combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with hypnotherapy is a powerful formula for deliveringexcellent resultsDuring hypnotherapy sessions, you will: • Identify those damaging eating patterns, sothat you can lose pounds, yet still enjoy the food you love.• Be mindful of everything […]

Secret of True Hypnotism – Altered States | Non-Verbal Hypnosis

State of Fascination: Eyes don’t blinkMind is blockedFascination is the keyIn Fascination he is an automatonDifferent than Hypnosisattracted to the hand automaticallyDr Paret learn to induce this strange statefrom his Master Virgilio T.Beyond HypnosisAttracted to the eyesnobody can block himNo words hypnosisunstoppable attractiongaze goes even deeperscientific explanationin the descriptiontheta and delta brainwavesTrue Hypnotism takes him […]

Hypnosis Demonstration With Igor Ledochowski: Conversational Revivification

Okay, before the break we went through a revivification process.Was it relatively easy?Not the most conversational thing in the world was it?Can I have a volunteer please?Come on upGive him a round of applauseI’ll try not to think too much.Not thinking is a good thing overall, it’s under estimated.So, I presume John that you’re a […]

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Best Quit Smoking Solution Columbia SC

It’s Christmas 2017 IWent to see the hypnotist on June 12th of 2017 IHad smoked for 42 years up to three packs a dayI was down to about ten packs or excuse me ten cigarettes a day andIjustmy granddaughter asked me why I smoked ISaid because I was stupid and she says no poppy one […]

Hypnotherapy Demonstration: Stop Smoking Session

Let’s do a timeout before we start.Normally when we do a stop smoking problem, there’s a bunch of other things that wewill do.I want to try and restrain it just to the Mind Bending Language to show you that youcan do anything with anything else.It will mean that we’ll have to do a few extra […]