An International Teacher Becomes a Professional Hypnotist

Jason all the way from China!Originally California, we talked in China.So what would you like to say to your folksout there your fans and people are going to be working with?Sure I just want to say this experience has been amazing.This group of people absolutely amazing.One thing that I really took from this whole experienceis […]

A Software Executive Becomes a Hypnotist

– Erika’s class was kind of beyondanything that I could’ve expected.You have all of the tools and abilities that you need,by the time that you’re done with that class,to go out and see clients, literally starting the next day.Through 5-Path as a hypnotherapeutic methodology,you have the ability to see a client throughany situation that they […]

Professional Hypnosis Success with Heather Dixon and Cascade Hypnosis Center

(upbeat music)– Hypnotherapy works,period.Anybody looking into hypnotherapy services,especially in the Whatcom County area,those people initially are seeking Erika’s servicesbecause she’s such an amazing hypnotist.Many schools for hypnosis and hypnotherapy,when you come out,you have to formulate your business.You have to get your scripts,like you have to do all that.But when you go through Cascade Hypnosis,all of […]

HYPNOSIS-instant induction

is there anyone wants to try?OK,Go try…Please set downNow, simply, we ganna make an experimentThis experiment leads you to enter the subconscious mindin two minutsWe are not gonna do aq deep trancenow simply, give me your hand and look at this pointkeep looking at that pointclose your eyes and sleepRelaxWith each motion and with each […]

Accredited Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Certification Training Graduation

– Super excited, (claps) you guys excited?– Yes. (audience cheers)We’re here, its been ten amazing days,I was just thinking about earlier,I’ve been spending with these guys,who you’re going to meet pretty soon.And I’m going to miss you, each of you guys, so very much.You’ve had a wonderful ten days together, learning hypnosis.We’re here in beautiful […]

How to Become a Successful Professional Hypnotist: Erika Flint Interviews Anthony Gitch

Hello, everybody i’m Erica Flint from cascade hypnosis center for training and services here in beautiful Bellingham washington and i’m very fortunatetoday toBring a boardAnthony Gitch, and i’m gonna interview. Anthony gets today on his success as a professional hypnotist, howAre you doing today anthony good great thank you Erica. Oh wonderful so let, me […]

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis | Shannon Wallace & Cascade Hypnosis Training

– I love to help people quit smoking.I used to smoke and I get it.I got into hypnosis because I sawthat my clients weren’t able to makethe changes that they really wanted to make.And I found hypnosis through Erika.She talked a little bit about hypnosisand I thought, “Ah ha, that’s it.“That’s what my clients need“to […]

Hypnotherapy Demonstration: Stop Smoking Session

Let’s do a timeout before we start.Normally when we do a stop smoking problem, there’s a bunch of other things that wewill do.I want to try and restrain it just to the Mind Bending Language to show you that youcan do anything with anything else.It will mean that we’ll have to do a few extra […]