Akash Goila’s Bedhab Official Trailer 2019 | Sanjay Kapoor

Every human being.. does only one mistakeTo be born in this world!And there is only one justification to thatDEATH!Everyone loves life!Try falling in love with death sometime!Surprise!Hello! Beautiful..Hi! I am God of Death!

Streamlining the Adoption Process & E-Cigarette Smoking Bans & Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets

17:17:11:18 �� 17:30:08:06>>>Coming up next on “Arizona17:30:10:15 Horizon,” we’ll see how Maricopa 17:30:12:06 County is streamlining its17:30:14:00 process for adoptions. 17:30:15:06 Also tonight, does the state’s17:30:19:00 smoking ban apply to 17:30:21:18 e-cigarettes?17:30:22:15 And an exhibit that shows how 17:30:24:09 archeologists uncover the17:30:26:03 secrets of ancient Egypt. 17:30:29:18 Those stories next on “Arizona17:30:30:09 Horizon.” 17:30:31:18>>>”Arizona Horizon” […]

24. Schizophrenia

Stanford University. Variety of announcements, tomorrow, office hours are shifted because at 4:30, there’s a really interesting lecture over at Clark. This guy is one of the experts on the whole notion that there are brain metabolic abnormalities in sociopathic humans, violent criminals. He’s got the distinction of having the world’s only portable MRI. He […]

Hypnotized man gets his junk bitten on stage, then starts a fight!

Marc Savard: Who here likes magic? Anyone like magic, magic tricks?Let me show you guys a trick I’ve been working on. You got a belt?Real magic right before your very eyesa transformation of sorts.[Hissing][Hissing]Marc Savard: Kristina, over this way. I got you, it’s okay. Come on. Come on, it’s okay.Come on over. I got you. […]

Sue Desmond-Hellmann on Health, Networks, Social Media

My first year at The Gates Foundation has been terrific. I feel like every day is agift. I have enormous respect and pride in my colleagues and every day I meet somebodywho amazes me. I think my self-awareness as a leader comes from the energy I get fromcolleagues. One of my favorite things to do […]

Sphincters – The Fascinating Truth

*intro music*Let’s do a little word association; I say bird, you say nest;I say fire, you say smoke;I say sphincter, you say… butt, right?That’s probably why calling somebody a sphincter is basically saying they’re a butt.But not all sphincters control the flow of poop.We’ve got lots of other non-excrement related sphincters throughout our bodies.About fifty […]