#20Millon Memorial – Remembering Those Who Have Died From Tobacco

-My story… -My story… -My story’s about my mom. -It’s about my best friend. WOMAN: It’s about my brother. Since the Surgeon General first issued a report on smoking and health -in 1964… -She loved to dance. WOMAN: He was on the golf course every day. More than 20 million people have died due to […]

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers — Marie’s Story

I started having trouble walking,and I thought I had pulled a muscle.But I went to the doctor, and they told methat I had blood clots.And from the blood clots,it led me to another doctor,which diagnosed me with Buerger’s Disease.I’ve been like this for almost 17 years,and I still have to be very careful in what […]


Hey everybody, this is Micah from The Vaporsphere. I want to hear what some of you have heardas far as ridiculous comments about your e-cigs and your vaping. My personal story is a coupleof co=workers and myself were on the third level of our building having a vape breakand the building security guard came up […]

Quit Smoking Tip #4 – How to Help Someone Stop Smoking – Do Things Together

Sign up together for a photography, painting, or cooking class.Try something different,or out of the routine.

Hidden Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Looking to gain the biggest benefits that you can out of your goal to quit smoking isnot insane, rather it is a good idea. Knowing exactly what is in store for you as you attemptto quit will help to keep you encouraged, plus it can be a great reminder about exactlywhy you set out on […]

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Handling Setbacks

It may take you several tries to quit smoking, and that’s totally okay. You’ll know more about quitting than you knew before and can use this information to try again. The most important thing is to keep trying. What if I can’t do it? I don’t want people to think I’m a failure if I […]

How Quitlines Can Help Your Patients who Smoke to Quit for Good

VO: Do you have patients who smoke? In addition to the cessation counseling you provide, referring your patients to a quitline can also help them quit smoking. Here’s what happens whensomeone calls a quitline. ERIC: Hi. I’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, but I’m not sure where to begin. NALLELY: It’s great that you’re thinking […]

Quitlines: Helping You Quit Smoking for Good.

Hello. This is the Smokers Quitline. How can I help you? Hi. I’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, but I’m not sure where to begin. That’s great that you’re thinking about quitting. It can be hard to quit, but the quitline is here to help you succeed. Most people who smoke want to quit. If […]

Quit Smoking Tip #28 – How to Stop Smoking and Stay Tobacco Free – Deal With Nicotine Cravings

Cravings only last a few minutes.So find something that works for you, like chewing gumor on a toothpick.