A True Man Goes All In | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 4 Episode 5

MICHAEL SHAMBLIN: Welcome. Welcome everybody tuning in from all over the world to a show,the You Can Overcome show that is all about encouraging people to go all the way and overcomestrongholds and addictions. This is a show that every single week is being broadcastout to encourage saints to point up in this walk with […]

Alcoholism and How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

AlcoholismFor thousands of years people have been brewingand also fermenting alcoholic drinks.Alcoholic beverageshave been a staple of human societyfor thousands of years.However, there are some peoplewho cannot regulate their desire forand therefore intake of alcohol.Regardless of how muchof a detriment that is to various aspects of their life.Now, it’s at that pointthat we consider that […]

Drinking at Party | How to Stop Drinking | Alcoholism

Hi there I’m James. I drank and used drugs heavily for 20 years found it hardto stop. I finally did three years ago. I’m gonna link that story up here in this“lowercase i” down there in the description and at theend of this video if you’re interested. I post a video here every Saturday aboutsobriety […]

Stop Drinking Addiction Now – Powerful Subliminal Affirmations | Belief Technologies

I resist alcohol temptation.I say no to alcohol.I am a motivated person.I am aware of how powerful my mind is.I am alcohol free.My life is good without drinking.I am a strong person.I am full of positive energy.I am in total control.I am happier without alcohol.I have fun without drinking.I succeed because I am a strong […]

How to Stay Sober for 30 Days from Alcohol and Drugs

in this video I’m gonna teach you how to stay sober for 30 days from drugs andalcohol so make sure that you stay tunedwhat is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about theproblem but focus on the solution and yeah hey don’t leave don’t you leave yetif you’re not […]

Overcome Addiction • One Powerful Solution to Stop All Your Addictions

we usually think that the word addiction is exclusive to drug users like a holux and that this concept is irrelevant to us therefore it doesn’t concern us the concept of addiction is defined by the fact of being physically and psychologically craving a substance or a habit does it ring any bells we all […]

How to quit bad habits and start good habits.

Would you like to be more fit? Would you like to quit smoking? Would you like to be moreorganized? It all comes down to habits. Habits are like a small steps we make through ourlife’s journey. If those steps are made in a positive way, our life will flow in apositive direction.There is a simple […]

6 Simple ways to break bad habits & Quit Addiction ( Stop Over Drinking Alcohol & Smoking ) My Story

Hey friends, I wanna tell you that a bad habit can destroy your true potential. Yes, it willkeep you from being the best version of yourself. Now everyone watching this might have oneor two habits that they really want to get rid of. I’ll tell you my story, I loved alcohol.Drinking was just normal for […]

Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol & 12 Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

hey guys so welcome to this video I quit drinking alcohol about a month ago it’sbeen a little over a month why I quit drinking I feel like I quit drinkingalcohol because I felt like I started doing it too much like I felt like I waslooking forward to the end of the day where […]

How to stop your addiction: The stages of change

Hi, I’m Chris with Hope Rehab and this is Stages of Change.Back in the 1970s and 1980s a team from the University of Rhode Island began to look intowhat caused people to stop smoking.They looked at people who had quit smoking for a period of longer than five years andbegan to ask them questions about […]