Blue Span Immortal RANK Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

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Blue Span Immortal RANK Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

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Photoshop: The PATRONUS Effect from Harry Potter! “Expecto Patronum!”

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.I’m going to show you how to create your own corporeal Patronus as seen in the Harry Potter movies.I thought it would be a fun challenge to figure out the easiest, most effective way to recreatethem and then show you how to do it.In the lore of Harry […]

CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds #3 w/ Bob

*wapoosh*Jack: TESTING TESTING BOBS AN ASSHOLEJack:Yeah, we’re good dude.Bob: Oh, cool.Bob: I, uh… GREEN HAIR’S STUPID! sorry(jack giggling)Bob: I, uh, I’m ready to go. I’m ready to record I thinkJack (sadly): I just got suddenly very busy(both laugh)Jack: Where are you Bob? Bob: Helloooo!Jack: There you areBob: ‘supJack: Can you hear me in game? Bob: […]

streaming for a bit [VOD: Mar 9, 2018]

Croxxer : He’s here POGGERSJunkZxZ : POGGERSretz01 : mitchGccona : monkaOMEGAMischaking100 : POGGERSkaranpadda12 : hiMyNameIsLoid : POGGERSmasteryx : POGGERSrektbud : POGGERSLulleisgod : POGGERSSnappyC : snappyLULccona : PagChomprektbud : POGGERS ClapCroxxer : What’s up fam POGGERSLemons3_14 : BibleThump mike미사흔 : POGGERSblakeW_55 : NAGGURtapgrap : You need to stream more bruvTheMihtyQ : DUDE POGGERSKyIeWW : PogChampambdoexious : […]

Tempo Mitch Jones (Pro Player) – 3 wins in a row today [VOD: Jun 2, 2018]

N4t_Pagle : hicotlol : TransgenderPrideTheEmori : REFRESH PogKoolAidGang : squadEZsuinap1234 : hiBrenin : Nevermind PogChampwastransparent : FINALLY SOMEONE TO WATCHpoey27529 : hiDiamond__Dick : live PogChampsolidkniven : Sup ma dudeOgyMang : whats good brothaShcyster : what time is it in your area @MitchJonesPositivePleb : 🙂 /wastransparent : MOD MEDmig23 : Hey MitchieZombotrox : POGGERSgam3timeflyby : morning […]

Mitch Jones – WE REALLY OUT HERE! [VOD: Aug 5, 2017] Part 3

ImWil: LULMelonenuschi: FeelsLULMan nice oneLawlhoax: #NeverClean4_Head_: LULAMDFX22: LOLMomo54321414: LULGerunia: LUL2facesmile: monkaSGreppi147: LULNowThatsWhatICallKKona: LULnumtea: YOUNG RATSlaxxiDK: gachiBASS gachiBASS gachiBASSSveinzor: LULMomo54321414: LUL LULMomo54321414: monkaSsun_of_jagex: she has schizophreniaSubtlePattern: monkaSStulax: KEEP SUCKING LULDaniel4165: 4HeaCtucker94: LULzelwark: LULDaniel4165: 4Headmitchiepookkona: LULOpterFun: ALPHA AS FUCKAstronomich: RHIS DUDE LMAODaniel4165: LULogkoop: CarlSmileredRAID3R: ILL DATE MIRA TBHPremiuM15: @mira LULNicolasmc1: Jesus Christ LULdanRude: SCARED LULMomo54321414: LULNowThatsWhatICallKKona: LMAOmonkaS_123: […]

IRL [VOD: Feb 15, 2018]

Sepron_ : LIVE DADPAUL_SHEKELSTEIN_DENINO : LIVE POGGERSthegoldscrew : aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRisology : TriHard 🔫 KKona pick that cotton boyDxKrazed : POGGERSSepron_ :Nazarein : livechamppkz : 73!Nazarein : helloPuG_Pandx :ac2dc1 : AFRICIA TriHardcyclone1006 : You scared the shit out of mePAUL_SHEKELSTEIN_DENINO : FeelsGoodMan ClapNazarein : lirikOBESEMarkusAnime : PogChamp MORE FOOD STREAMdjango_unchained_ : WE EATING TONIGHT BOYS TriHardsDrockafelle : […]

Chillin [VOD: Mar 24, 2018]

electro55555 : WutFaceKorupcija_ : quinW1 quinW2Tajsen : WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFaceJake_The_Great02 : The law PogChamp PogChamp PogChampNorrik : YouDontSayTrulyOblivious : mitchHey mitchHey mitchHeytaco_friday_ : WutFaceGiantSteps0274 : FortOneforsaknfury : FIX JONESToxicTaco11 : HiTajsen : WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFace WutFaceToxicTaco11 : JonesThe_CryptiC : POGGERS THE LAWTJEND1Z : mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHeyGiantSteps0274 […]

Chillin [VOD: Feb 15, 2018]

Treinn : Chaturbate v-day stream POGGERS1lettername : type 1 if your dick is bigger than 6 inches丅丫し仨尺1 : Cyber sex POGGERSsolotravel : LUL @miraraphael2885 : dang @mira you savage just asking for shit in chat like a horny plebmira : @ScaldingCoffee I miss him FeelsBadManhideAttack : @mira i canSepron_ : cause your legit @MitchJonesAwesomechad : […]