Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body – Enda Butler

You breathe in about 17,000 times per day.It’s a process you rarely think about,but behind the scenes, a huge coordinated effort is playing out.Your vital organs,the gut,brain,bones,lungs,blood,and heartwork together to sustain your lifeby delivering oxygen to tissues throughout your body.Most of our cells need oxygenbecause it’s one of the key ingredients of aerobic respiration.That’s the […]

How can I reduce my risk of heart attack or stroke? – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

The best way to reduce the risk of heart attackand stroke, I would say, number one is stop smoking.That is probably the lowest common denominatorwhen you look at all the other risk factors.Obviously, cholesterol control, high blood pressure controlis all very important.But when you see younger people having heart attacks, patientsin their 30s and 40s, […]

How to Handle Heart Palpitations

How to Handle Heart Palpitations. Palpitations are heartbeat sensations that make you feel as though your heart is racing. Once your doctor has ruled out a serious medical condition, take the steps described here to control the condition. You will need Record of your palpitations Stress reduction techniques Healthy diet Exercise Sleep Blood pressure and […]

Basic Health Care Tips To Prevent Heart Diseases

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to you about Basic Health Care Tips To PreventHeart Diseases. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tipsin the future! But back to our topic.Heart diseases lead to far more deaths than cancer. It is said that around 7 million menand more than 5 million women in the […]

Tritonal – Out My Mind (Lyrics / Lyric Video) feat. Riley Clemmons

Hard to get is just my type Loving you can get so lonelyIf you want me come and show meYou’re in my heart I’m out my mindI know the games that you play Try to act like you don’t want mebut How come the second I leave you alone you pick up your phone and […]

How to Calm a Fast Heartbeat (Tachycardia)

Cardiac arrhythmia is a condition where the rhythm of the heartbeat isn’t normal.When your heart rate accelerates, we call it tachycardia—the swift heart.When your heartbeat falls, we call this condition bradycardia—the slow heart.Tachycardia happens suddenly and its occurrence isn’t connected to any physical effort.It can be a symptom of a more serious heart condition, for […]

How to stop suffering? Byron Katie

you hello Baran Katie hello little thank you for accepting to do this interview over Skype it’s my privilege um I’m really excited to interview you you are famous around the world for the work and I’m really happy to discuss this and discuss all the wonderful things that you’re about to to do you’re […]

Vaping DANGER: Flavoured e-cigarettes can be ‘toxic’ and ‘lead to heart attacks’

 Vaping e-cigarettes has become a very popular way of stopping smoking in the UK over recent years Most devices able you to inhale nicotine without many of the harmful effects of smoking The NHS says e-cigarettes carry “a fraction of the risk of cigarettes”, but new tests have now shown vaping flavoured e-cigarettes can be just as […]

Ask a Health Care Professional – Quitting Smoking

[MUSIC STARTS] EUGENE SUN: Did you know that there are morepeople who have quit smoking than people who currently smoke?Hi, I’m Dr. Eugene Sun, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Blue Cross and BlueShield of New Mexico.If you are a smoker, or have a loved one that is, it is possible to stop smoking […]