How Not to Die from Heart Disease

“How Not to Die from Heart Disease” The most likely reason most of our loved ones will die is heart disease. It’s still up to each of us to make our own decisions as to what to eat and how to live — but we should make these choices consciously, educating ourselves about the predictable […]

WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin)

To alcohol!The cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.We’re all familiar with the dangers of alcohol and the fact that frequent alcohol consumptioncan fry your liver.Anyone who has had alcohol before will not doubt that it is a toxin, even if they arenot familiar with what it specifically does inside your body.This is […]

An Important Message for Tobacco Users Looking for Work in Florida

Finding a job can be challenging but you may be facing one barrier that you didn’t know was there:you’re smoking status.In Florida, a growing number of employers will not hire tobacco users.This makes quitting not only great for your health but essential for getting a job.Quitting may be hard but getting help is easy.Speak to […]

Tobacco cessation. Let’s Quit Smoking Canada!

Being smoke-free reduces your risk for chronic disease and contributes to overall wellbeing.The risk of stroke is 2 to 4 times greater among smokers than those who have never smoked.Smokers are up to 4 times more likely to have a sudden cardiac death than are non-smokers.And, people who are exposed to second-hand smoke are also […]

How Not to Die from Cancer

“How Not to Die from Cancer” After Dr. Dean Ornish conquered our #1 killer, he moved on to killer #2. What happens if you put cancer on a plant-based diet? Ornish and colleagues found that the progression of prostate cancer could be reversed with a plant-based diet and other healthy lifestyle behaviors. And no wonder. […]

The Best Kept Secret in Medicine

“The Best Kept Secret in Medicine” Even though the most widely accepted, well-established chronic disease practice guidelines uniformly call for lifestyle change as the first line of therapy, physicians often do not follow these guidelines. Yet lifestyle interventions are often more effective in reducing heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and deaths from […]

The Future of Medicine is Here. Now Let’s Start Using It.

I think the cutting edge of medicine is really not always high-tech, it’s being more focusedon prevention and being proactive, understanding your genetics. We’re at $1000 genome today,we’ll be at $100 or even a free genome in the next decade. We know that sitting is thenew smoking. We now have wearables that we can stick […]

5 Self-steps to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice Part 2

Hi this is Andrea Smith again at Hypnotherapy in Surrey5 Self-steps to stop smoking? Stop smoking advice 2I provide Confidence coaching for business through Cognitive behaviour therapy and Clinicalhypnotherapy.  If you don’t have the motivation to stop smoking for good and are looking for an easy way toquit smoking now easily and permanently then here […]

National No smoking Day 8th March 2017 Stop smoking advice Part 3

National No smoking Day 8th March 2017 Stop smoking advice Part 3Hypnotherapy in surrey run by Andrea Smith providing Confidence coaching for businessthrough CBT and Clinical hypnotherapy. No Smoking Day aims to bring awareness tothe dangers of this addiction. The day also tries to spotlight resources available tohelp people decide to try and quit.Whether No Smoking Day (8th March […]