The Habit of Smoking

People know that smoking is bad for you that is fully clear butthey’re still doing it why would you say so stress?I think it’s a complicated question most people that have smokingas a habit they start at an early age and so it’s not only a physiologicaldependence but more sort of habitual they link it […]

MJ’s cigar habit, OJ golfing, monkeys & trick shots

“I smoke 6 cigars a day.”“Do you play golf almost everyday?”“Almost everyday.”“And sometimes 36-holes.”“Always 36-holes.”Cigar on a Monday?Why not?!It’s time for Trending On TOUR…I’m sure you can all relate to this too… what’s the first thing you’d do when you gotreleased from prison?Maybe OJ should’ve played with this nun instead…That would’ve been the recovery of […]

How to Stop Being Yourself: Dr Joe Dispenza and How to Reprogram Your Mind

hi everybody my name is dr. Joe Dispenza I’m the author of three books my first book is called evolve your brain the science of changing your mind my second book is called breaking that of being yourself how to lose your mind and create a new one my last book is called you are […]

GON Forever: A war between Uma vs Nic

I belong to a very big familyI mean there many members in my family…20.. or 22… or more than that. One of my nephew he has a very strange and peculiar habit of pulling thread out of bed sheets.It mean he unfolds threads of bed sheets whenever he lies downHe pulls its thread and winds […]

How to quit bad habits and start good habits.

Would you like to be more fit? Would you like to quit smoking? Would you like to be moreorganized? It all comes down to habits. Habits are like a small steps we make through ourlife’s journey. If those steps are made in a positive way, our life will flow in apositive direction.There is a simple […]


For those of you, whothink you just can’t quit smoking…check this out. I had gotten savedSeptember 6 1981.I went to church that morning.I went to church that afternoon.I went to church that evening. Pastor Cushman had the altar-callfor us to be filled with the Holy Spirit.Thank God. That night,my neighbor brings me home. I walk […]

The unorthodox way Mike Wilmot’s neighbours helped him quit smoking

I quit smoking, uh, cigarettes.I always have to throw that part in.I called everyone an assholefor like two months. It helped me.Like, okay.Here is my normal morning when I was a cigarette smoker.I’d get up. I’d make an evil black cup of coffee.Something thick and dangerous.And I’d have a Marlboro Light.Satan’s breakfast is I think […]

Why do smokers smoke?

many smokers find themselves unable to answer this very basic question of why they smoke they’ll sometimes give the excuse that they smoke because they like smoking but when they really consider all the problems that go with smoking they realize this really isn’t true they are they don’t enjoy being smokers anymore often people […]

Stop Smoking: Revelation & Testimony

As some of you know that watch these videos that I do for Jesus,On December 24th, 2010 is when I started making videos for Jesus on youtube here.And that was the same day that the Lord Jesus delivered me from smoking cigarettes.My friends I’ve done so many things in my life, so many drugs,So much […]