Student Loans | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Tonight, we are talking about something  a lot of you guys have been asking usto cover on the show.Student loan debt.   It affects pretty much everyone I know,and if you’re one of the ten people  it doesn’t affect…congratulations on being a Kennedy.Student loans are crippling millions  of people,many of them fresh out of college.Imagine starting a […]

Pat Robertson: Gays Can Change, Like Murderers and Rapists

pat robertson says just like murderers and rapists can change d_a_’s can alsochange he was reacting to a case in ecuador where a politician was found tohave violated his country zealot oral code uh… which had a prohibition ondiscrimination but he made anti-gay remarks the politician in ecuadorand that violated the el toro code because […]

Stephen Hawking Israel Boycott Totally Hypocritical

did he do any shopping on amazon dot com dot shopping that you’re already doingthey’re planning to do could be helping to support the david packard show itworks in a very very easy way to go to our website david packing dot com on theright side of the website is the scroll down there’s a […]

Public Education Strategies

you’re gonna be hearing today from Sam Cole with the Colorado Department ofTransportation from Ali Maffei with the Colorado Department of Public Health andin the environment and from Paige McGowan from the Spokane Regional HealthDistrict so we are all sort of involved in one way or another in publiceducation campaigns marketing outreach that kind of […]

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – James: “No, I Won’t Buy You Smokes”

Somehow, you know, one day moved to two days,to three days, to a week.And that was so important to me,to have these important calendar periods.But one day, I was going riding, and my roommate said to me,“Do me a favor, pick me up a pack of cigarettes,”on my way out the door, and I was […]

How to save 145,000 lives every year | Patrick M. Krueger | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Helena Bowen Reviewer: Tijana MihajlovićEducation saves lives.In fact, we could save 145,000 lives every single yearif all adults in the United States had at least a high school degree.I know this because I’m a demographer.Demographers study populations.My research focuses on the healthof the entire population of the United States.To me, each one of you […]

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene’s Ad

(Marlene) I’m Marlene.I smokedand got macular degeneration.So I don’t see very well.If this happens to you,you could need eye injections every month.Like I do.My first tip is:find a doctor that you could trust.My other tip is:before they put that needle in your eyeball,look as far away as possible.(Announcer) You can quit.For free help,visit CDC.GOV/TIPS

10 Tips to Stop Smoking for Good

With so many tips and suggestions on how to stop smoking, it is really easy to see whyso many people really do not quit. The vast majority of people are completely confusedby the entire process! What of the conflicting messages passed around? The fact is that withso much information passed around, that is confusing to […]

Handling Setbacks

It may take you several tries to quit smoking, and that’s totally okay. You’ll know more about quitting than you knew before and can use this information to try again. The most important thing is to keep trying. What if I can’t do it? I don’t want people to think I’m a failure if I […]

Seniors Are Turning Against Republican Party

I also want to talk about republicans andsenior voters because there’s a very interesting shift happening we’ve beentalking on the show for a while aboutchanging demographics in terms of hispanics being more important toprogressive Isingthe elec Toro lot to probe a progressive eyes in the electorate really is whatI’m sayingwe’ve talked about alder conservative ideas […]