Romeo y Julieta by AJ Fernandez: A Blind Cigar Tasting

It has a great draw. I give it a ratinglike around 10. The draw is real easy.This cigar is actually perfect for me because, it’s good on the draw,robust flavor. I would definitely recommend this cigarThis is a great draw, great cigar, and Ican’t wait to know what actually this cigar isbecause I plan on […]

Cigar vendor in the heart of the City, Nizir – Londoner #302

This is the Kandies tobacconist46-47 Leadenhall MarketLondon, EC3V 1LT.Customer: Thanks very much.Nizir: Okay, thank you.Most of our customers are smokers.Filmmaker Daniel: Do you smoke?Nizir: NoDaniel: Can you tell me about them?Nizir: Yeah,this one is ‘Romeo and Juliet’,These are ‘Punch’.This [is] ‘Oliva’.This [is] ‘Robusto’,‘Guantanamera’.Some are light ones,some are strong ones.Okay‘Romeo and Juliet’Daniel: And what type of […]

Stop smoking | New Funny video 2017

Orkhan How’re you man i am good and youI am good, Dushyant you tell how’s goingEverything is fine but i have an exam tomorrowshhhh…. what he is doing, oh are you ready for examohh.. did you learn or not, No, I did not… orkhan don’t do thishow will you pass… oh is he mad or […]

8 Weirdest PSAs Ever Made

We’ve rounded up the most ridiculous PSAs on the internet.Let’s talk about that.♪ (theme music) ♪Good Mythical Morning.The PSA, the public service announcement.These were really big when we were kids. They still make ’em.But there is just something special about the wayit used to be done.Yeah, I mean, it’s basically a commercial against thingsthat everyone […]