Cleaning your Davinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer

Cleaning of the Ascenthi guys this is Nika here with DV TV I’m here to explain how to properlyclean the Ascentso first we are going to start by opening the swivel and we are going to get out as much product as possibleI’m going to use our metal pic hidden here on topgive a little […]

How To Pick The Right Cigar For Beginners

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Gerard with, and I have a processthat’s broken down to three easy steps on how to pick the perfect cigar for yourself,but before I get started, I need your guys’ help. We’re trying to grow and build our YouTubechannel. So, I need you not only subscribe and […]

Q & A: Is it true that smoking cause plaque?

Is it true that smoking causes plaque? Absolutely.Smoking is nuclear in terms of inflammation. And guess what? Once youinflammation, it starts off with burning that glycocalyx. So once you burn thatglycocalyx, what’s going to happen? LDL was going to start filtering through,forming plaque.

How to Hand Roll Cigars & Smoking Tips : How to Use the Mold to Hand Roll Cigars

Hi, my name is Matthew Driggers and we’re here at Cigar Castle in Tampa, Florida. Onbehalf of Expert Village, this is how to handle cigars, smoking tips, and techniques. So weare going to use the mold to form the filler. For example, this one is 50 ring. We can usedifferent ones to make it different […]

Cigar Wrapper Types for any Palate

Want to know all about cigar wrappers? Watch to the end of this video to learn all aboutcigar wrapper types for any palate. Here at Mardo Cigars, we have an obsession with everythingcigars, so come join us by subscribing to our channel. Hit the bell below to be notifiedwhen we post new videos every Monday. […]

Vapor Product Spotlight – Innokin iTaste MVP 20W E-Cigarette Regulated Mod

Hey vape fans, and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor Product Spotlight. My name is Michaeland today we’re going to be going over the MVP 20 watt. So, let’s go ahead and dive inand see what you get. Alright so when you receive your package in the mail it is goingto come in this plastic […]

Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorials Episode 7: Fixing Flooding & Dry Hits

Hey vape fans! Welcome to the Mt Baker Vapor video tutorial series. I am Michael. Todaywe’re going to be talking about a topic we’ve been getting a few requests on in some comments.We’re going to be going over flooding, dry hits, and different kinds of atomizers andcartomizer tanks. So, first we’ll go over flooding and […]

Vapor Product Spotlight – Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0 E-Cigarette Regulated Mod

Hey vape fans, it’s Zay at MBV here with another Product Spotlight video. We’re going to bechecking out the MVP 3.0 today, so let’s dive down, check it out. So once you get it it’sgoing to come in a box that looks like this. Slide this out, you got your battery, you’vegot your charger, and […]

How to: Restore a Tinted / Smoked Tail Light

Hello YouTube, Today were going to remove the spray on tint that we put on this 97 HondaCivic. Specifically, this car had night shades by VHT put on it. Very Simple So lets go aheadand get started. What your going to want to do is remove the tail light. That’s goingto be the easiest way […]

Mt Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Tutorial Episode 11: Building Your Own Vape Coils

Hey vape fans, and welcome to another edition of the Mt Baker Vapor video tutorial series.I’m Michael Sullivan and today we’re going to be going over how to rebuild the Russian91%. If you’re not familiar with the Russian 91% make sure to check out one of our previousvideos where we did a product spotlight of […]