The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge – Paranormal History

in this video we’re gonna tell you the story of the Smoking Ghosts from Sachs Bridge in GettysburgWell Hello there parapeeps and welcome to another episode of our haunted travels I am yourhost Shawn Donley and I’m your co-host Marianne Donley that’s right we’re gonnago over a very interesting experience that we have done over […]

A Brother in Christ From India Being Delivered from Demons

In South India, its very superstitious over hereI do not know what the love of a mother is..I am telling you franklyI can see 2 beings full of lightThey were clothed in lightThey were like, standing right in front of me!and every knee shall bow, and every mouth, every tongue shall confessThat JESUS is the […]

If God is so Good and Powerful Why is there Suffering and Pain?

From the beginning of time people [have] often wonderedif God is a god of love, then why did he allow so much suffering in this world asIntelligent human being you and I have a right to know the answer to this important subject [it] [Rose] many other questionsthat are enviablyBelieve it or not in order […]

“No Man Can Resist My Body…” – SATANIC SEDUCTION!

Deliverance in Jesus’ NameLook here! Stand up!Stand up! Who are you?Who are you?I am a snake.You are a snake?Yes!What have you done to her?Disappointment.How? Explain!I give her discouragements. There is no concentration at school.I own her.You as a snake, how did you enter her body?I entered her body through friends.Through friends?Through friends she keeps.I have […]