PBS NewsHour full episode October 7, 2019

AMNA NAWAZ: Good evening.I’m Amna Nawaz.Judy Woodruff is away.On the “NewsHour” tonight: withdrawal.President Trump under fire from Democrats and Republicans for abruptly announcing theremoval of U.S. troops from Syria.Then: The impeachment inquiry grows.The House subpoenas the secretary of defense and White House budget director, as a secondwhistle-blower with firsthand knowledge of the Ukraine affair emerges.Our […]

Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, & Understanding Visionaries | TECH | Rubin Report

You’ve probably watched, listened to, or at the very least heard about Joe Rogan’s interviewwith tech giant Elon Musk from last week.Joe and Elon had a wide ranging discussion for two and a half hours about technology,evolution, markets, simulation theory and much more.Immediately after though, the headlines were all about the blunt they smoked in […]