Softening Around The Habit of Smoking • Guided Meditation

This is Rasa.Welcome to your guided meditation.Find a quiet space where it’s peaceful and you can be alone.Place yourself in a comfortable seated position, with a straight spine and good posture.If you feel more at ease lying down, then please do this.Now gently close your eyes.Begin by taking some deep, cleansing breaths down into your […]

Why do intelligent people still believe in religion? p. 39 “Look deep into the eyes of Jesus”

Focus completely on Jesus. In my church growing up, everything and Imean everything we did required us to think about or have something to do with Jesus.To spend any time not thinking about Jesus gave the devil a chance to make us sin. Evensecular songs like “She’ll be coming round the mountain” got the words […]

Why we do what we do | Tony Robbins

Thank you. I have to tell you I’m both challenged and excited.My excitement is: I get a chance to give something back.My challenge is: the shortest seminar I usually do is 50 hours.(Laughter)I’m not exaggerating. I do weekends —I do more, obviously, I also coach people —but I’m into immersion, because how did you learn […]

Living with ADHD

ADHD stinks. You can’t focus on anything. In school my grades got really badbecause I just kept focusing on things that weren’t important like when I haveto be doing math and be focusing on that one crumb on the desk. I’ve had ADHDsince birth basically. And it’s been really hard. ADHD also has side effectssuch […]

Will This Hypnotize You?

For centuries hypnotism has been explored as a therapeutic or entertaining tool, butit has a reputation of being fake and shrouded in mysticism. So what does science say? Ishypnosis a real thing?Take a second to close your eyes and imagine a lemon. Imagine the smells of that lemon,it’s colour, it’s shape. Picture the texture and […]

What’s The Deal With Fidget Spinners?

Ow. CAMERAMAN: Mike, ya ready? Oh, yeah. The paradox of fidget spinners might change the way we think about fidgeting. Wait, did I say “here’s an idea?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Fidgets spinners and other fidgety devices have been around for a bit, but only since the end of last year have they been a bona fide […]

Success Hypnosis & Guided Meditation: Powerful Law Of Attraction Affirmations For Attracting Success

Success Hypnosis & Guided Meditation: Powerful Law Of Attraction Affirmations For Attracting SuccessHypnosis is the quickest way to change your life it’s proven it’s safeits quick its powerful whatever you want to change in your life hypnosis can helpwealth and abundance weight loss health and well-being confidence brainpower anda law of attraction with hypnosis you […]