The Surprising History of Tobacco

Tobacco: It was thought to be a heal-all, but in reality, a harm-all.The origins of this controversial plant are in the fields of the Americas, and the mostcommon species, Nicotiana Tabacum, originated in Mesoamerica, a region in the central partof the Americas.Tobacco usage started among the people of the Americas, then europeans through exploration,and eventually […]

Cigar vendor in the heart of the City, Nizir – Londoner #302

This is the Kandies tobacconist46-47 Leadenhall MarketLondon, EC3V 1LT.Customer: Thanks very much.Nizir: Okay, thank you.Most of our customers are smokers.Filmmaker Daniel: Do you smoke?Nizir: NoDaniel: Can you tell me about them?Nizir: Yeah,this one is ‘Romeo and Juliet’,These are ‘Punch’.This [is] ‘Oliva’.This [is] ‘Robusto’,‘Guantanamera’.Some are light ones,some are strong ones.Okay‘Romeo and Juliet’Daniel: And what type of […]

What is NON Tobacco Hookah? How its Made- Hookah Tobacco

whatsup everyone! guys today’s video is gonna bea little different than what I donormally i usually i’m showing you’llsomething or the other, but here ill just beis be talking and of course i’ll havesome video or the other to keep you’llinterested and make you’ll stay on myvideo and watch it anyway I had AnujKothari aske […]