CMU researcher: E-cigarette vapor could lead to emphysema

I think that was our primary interest, to generate some preliminary studies where wecan actually be convinced, what is then backed off e-cigarette vapors.Historically we have seen many many studies with nicotine toxicity before. I think bottom line it falls downto how much you take it, and generally people who are really smoking these are […]

Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study: Understanding the Data

Robert: Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the webinar on the Population Assessment ofTobacco and Health (PATH) Study: Understanding the Data. I am Robert Choate and I am theData Processing Supervisor here at NAHDAP. I’ll let Dr. Hyland introduce himselfas well. Andy Hyland: Hello, I’m Andy Highland. I’m the Scientific Principal Investigator for the PATH Study.Robert: […]